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At Thoroughspect we understand what it is to be a green company with the owner having received the 2006 US EPA Clean Air Excellence Award. We look forward to fulfilling all of your contracting needs as we carry Home Improvement , and Nuisance wildlife licenses for your protection. Please make sure your wildlife co has a Home Improvement license as in most areas they will need one to actually fix the access points.

When searching for a quality company for mouse removal from your home please realize the sealing or exclusion part is the true art that needs to be done correctly for you to live with less or zero mice/flying squirrels. Most wildlife removal companies are great at trapping but fall short on the meticulous work of exterior sealing of homes in Connecticut and New York due to lack of time spent. When dealing with mice, rats, flying squirrels and bats the fact is time and knowledge and the willingness to start on one side of the home and seal everything is truly the key to pest control for mice and rodents in general. A home of average size cannot be sealed in less than a few days and never have foam used as it will not withstand the sun or mice chewing let alone larger rodents such as flying squirrels. We have our wire cloth custom made so it can stop the smallest of mice and the strongest of flying squirrels. At Thoroughspect we recognize there are a good deal of choices at first glance but once you peel away the fast food pest control approach most companies take you will most likely hire us to seal your home correctly as living rodent free will change your life!

With the coupon below new clients will have the opportunity to get a top notch inspection from an inspector with more than 20 years experience at a discounted price. This inspection will uncover how the critters are getting into your home and how we can stop them. The difference with Thoroughspect is we want to solve your issues the first time around verses a service contract that is ongoing and never ending.

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Living rodent free will change your life! ™

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