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Flying Squirrel Exclusion Greenwich

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Call now for your thorough inspection 914-755-5633 Rodent and Bat exclusion with zero poison used. When you look into sealing a home from all types of critters be it bats, flying squirrels and mice you as the homeowner need to understand a few basics: Foam in the can is not meant for exposure to sunlight and is easily chewed. Silicone is for the most part not paintable and is easily chewed. A home of average size say 2,000 sq ft cannot be sealed in an afternoon as to find every 1/4 inch space takes time and to use the correct materials is key. The inspection is extremely important as time and materials need to be correctly gaged or the seal will not be completed properly and your critters will return. Thoroughspect has one inspector which is the owner of the company Brian M. Sweig who brings 20 plus years of construction knowledge including thermal imaging, basement waterproofing [Awarded 2006 US EPA Clean Air Award for green invention]. In addition Brian carries other industry licenses for additional companies owned and operated such as Home Inspection both in NY & CT so you are not just getting a pest tech with 15 stops that day but someone who understands how a home should function and why your home may not be working correctly. Thoroughspect carries Home Improvement licenses in all areas required that we service as well as Nuisance Wildlife Licenses. Our exclusion service (sealing of homes) caters to homeowners who simply have had enough of rodents.

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