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Please visit if you need guidance but do not want a human to visit your home during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Common Sense Approach Inspection For Mice, Bats, Flying Squirrels

Common Sense Approach Inspection for mice, bats, flying squirrels

Please patrol your contractors as spray foam should never be put on top of regular fiberglass insulation. If you need a contractor to assess your home from a safety, rodent, moisture, and common sense approach then I’m an easy guy to find. 914-755-5633 will get the ball rolling and you could have the answers to all that ails you about your home. We also are able to advise and or control dust from any project as that’s what earned me an EPA award.


Don’t let rodents keep you awake in your own home. Let Thoroughspect seal your home so the scratching, pooping and in general the unwanted visitors stop with zero poison used. We are the rodent exclusion company you’ve heard so much…

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