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Rodent Exclusion Services Armon

Thoroughspect offers contractor inspections in Armonk as well as mouse exclusion (sealing a free-standing house), bat exclusion, Flying squirrel exclusion in Armonk.

We make sure your life is free of problems caused by rats, mice, and flying squirrels. But before you understand clearly how we can assist you to lead a peaceful life, let’s walk through the dangers of having a rodent in your home.


Dangers Of Having Rodent In Your Home In Armonk

Cause Diseases

Mice, rats, or squirrels make crawlspaces or attics their home while germinating several infectious bacteria and parasites. Their droppings, urine or saliva can be hazardous when coming in contact with humans through direct touch, dust or air-blow. Rodents can affect humans with more than 35 diseases.

Stinking Interiors

Be it your kitchen, rooms or roof, the unwanted rodents can leave your interiors stinking making your home unwelcoming.


Who would like bites of mice, rats or squirrels? But, this is something very obvious and recurring if your house is infested with these or any rodents.

Damage Wiring

Rats and mice can cause serious damage to your house including disruption of insulation & wiring, pipes, and other vulnerable items.

Professional Mouse Removal, Bat Removal & Flying Squirrel Exclusion

You must already know the sufferings of a rodent-infested home if you have come to visit this page. It’s not easy to get a handle on the removal or permanent exclusion of rodent on your own. Right from inspection to sealing, rodent exclusion is a process that needs expertise and experience. The tasks such as finding out the abodes of rats or squirrels, exterminating them from the house and ultimately sealing all the entry points entail rigorous efforts.

Thoroughspect ensures you a seamless experience while our experts work in your house or commercial place to obliterate any kind of rodent.

Thoroughspect also offers moisture assessments and moisture remediation via commercial dehumidification systems in Armonk. Your inspector will Be Brian M. Sweig and he will be bringing more than 25 years of specialized and award-winning experience with him to correctly diagnose your home’s issues.


Thanks and we look forward to helping you and your family soon.

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