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Updated critter inspection process and prices.

Welcome to Thoroughspect. We are a one of a kind construction service company that modifies your home to allow you to live rodent and bat free. In most circumstances we run 100% long term critter free without the use of any poisons by literally searching and correctly sealing every 1/4 of an inch gap that can be used as an access. We are not a pest control company as we actually look to solve the issue vs a reoccurring service that allows critters to be poisoned and die in your home.

We offer two types of inspections as of 10/01/2015 and they are described as follows:

1- The 99.00 inspection that will allow you to take notes( at a rapid pace) while your home is inspected for the type of critters,level of activity and a baseline of how accessible your home is to these critters. This service may or may not be followed by a quote depending upon what is found and if you need to have your home sealed. This is our basic inspection and while very thorough pictures will Not be provided with annotations as this takes real time and effort, and that service is available with our comprehensive "Faultfinders" inspection at additional fees.

2- Our "Faultfinders" comprehensive inspection that is followed by a digital picture report that is annotated for your records and can be referred to in the future as we find a variety of faults in homes every day. (You can see examples of this on our profile section) This inspection runs 249.00 for homes up to 2500 sq ft and an additional 50.00 per 1000 sq feet thereafter.

We are available for pre build/ renovation consultations so you can avoid these critters running wild after the fact as what runs in your home also pees and poops in your home as well. This will be by far the most comprehensive inspection for critters as I live to inspect and solve these issues.

I always tell people to read some of our almost 250 reviews (on Angies) to see job cost range so we know the time spent has meaning for both you as the potential client and me as the critter inspector from the very beginning.

Our service area has changed a bit as demand for living rodent free and Green home improvement is great and we are only able to service a certain radius so our quality does not suffer. We service as far as Fairfield in Fairfield County CT., Westchester County NY north of Chappaqua including Chappaqua. If you don't reside in these areas please call me directly at 914-755-5633 to discuss the possibility of an inspection before purchasing any voucher.

We are always looking for that long term rodent issue that needs to be solved and that can be filmed from inspection to the actual sealing work for a potential reality series that is under development. If you are open to having your inspection filmed please let us know.

Thoroughspect has been dealing with humidity and basement waterproofing issues since 2000 and we take pride in green solutions that make sense for loan term control of these issues.

Living rodent free will change your life! ™

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