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Brian’s career in the business All for pest control in Greenwich Connecticut began over 20 years ago. He spent three years in the southern United States learning from a world-renowned entomologist (among others), and helped start the Sentricon baiting program for termites with Dow Elanco. Brian advanced through the field to eventually run a major sales force and acquired a distinctive edge in the business. Through this experience, Brian realized he wanted to return to his home state of NY and create his own niche in the market of rodent control in Greenwich Connecticut. He developed a highly successful approach, rejecting the easy but environmentally unsound approach of poison – and instead relying on hard work, common sense and the correct materials to prevent rodents from entering people’s homes in the first place. Fast forward a few years and Brian began to realize there were additional niches in this area that needed to be more friendly towards the environment and the clients’ health. He therefore co-invented the Enviroboot® Dust Suppression System to help control the toxic silica dust that is produced when concrete is broken with a jackhammer. The result was a reduction in toxic dust greater than 97% according to the EPA and was awarded the 2006 US EPA CLEAN AIR EXCELLENCE AWARD.Thoroughspect.

Brian has gone to great lengths to discover and implement ways to help people live healthier lives in their own homes providing Contractor inspection Greenwich Connecticut. He has assembled a special set of skills and licenses to that end, including licenses in both NY and CT for Nuisance/Wildlife, Home Improvement, and Home Inspection. He has recently added a Mold Assessors Certification to this impressive array. Armed with this arsenal of certifications and decades of hands-on experience, Brian is able to give his clients an extremely comprehensive inspection that leverages knowledge from all fields of his wide-ranging expertise. He rolls this all up into something both rare and extremely valuable: insight into the client’s home, with highlights on issues that impact their health, safety, comfort, and the financial value of their home. Using cutting edge technology ranging from thermal imagers and moisture meters to high resolution photography, Brian is able to not only analyze but also to show his clients in great detail what is going on inside and around their homes.

Brian serves his clients through three distinct and specialized companies:

Thoroughspect LLC ( – for home or business owners who are tired of putting up with unhygienic, costly and potentially dangerous infestations of mice, flying squirrels or bats. Brian has helped thousands of satisfied customers be able to relax and enjoy their now rodent-free homes by providing them services All for remediation in Greenwich Connecticut.

– Fault Finders, Inc. – for those looking to buy or sell a home in NY or CT, Brian is an inspector definitely not on the realtors’ preferred provider lists. He only works for homeowners or prospective home buyers and is proud to provide a detailed analysis of ALL deficiencies found in the home, no matter how unpopular this makes him with the realtors.

– My Mold Finder, Inc. – for clients looking to prove or disprove the presence of mold, Brian is at your service for a thorough and honest investigation into this serious issue which, if not caught and remediated, could have serious impacts on health and home resale value. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to showing you what a true inspection consists of – no matter what your needs may be. –