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Want Your Connecticut Home or Office Rodent-Free?

The pain of having rodents in the living spaces is inexplicable. You tend to live a drastically disturbed life when unwanted small mammals take over your entire house. The havoc created by these small animals in your house may include contamination of food, sudden bites or scratches, and damage to plumbing, wiring, pipes & insulation etc. It may further extend to the diseases caused by rats, mice, and other rodents – of course, due to the absorption of unhealthy bacteria sprouted from their feces, urine or saliva. Now you have this vehement desire for rodent exclusion in North Salem, Rye, Bedford, Katonah or anywhere in New York.

Keep Rodent Out From Your Home With Experts

Thoroughspect takes the challenge of wiping out any number of rodents from your house, permanently. Adhering to a comprehensive rodent exclusion program, we perform inspection, sanitation, elimination and seal off services effectively. We stick to safe methods (without using poison), throughout the extermination process to ensure your safety. Here is the process we implement for mice control, bat control and all other rodent control in New York.

Guaranteed Rodent Proofing Services

Our process starts out with the inspection of runways, crawlspaces, and attics where rodents possibly live and run most of the time. The inspection also includes all the entry points, gaps & cracks and, nook & crannies of the place. Moving forward, we remove all the food supplies and cover the food items in tight containers to plan out traps and baiting effectively. Once we trap and exterminate all the small mammals successfully from the place, we do sanitation to dispose of their droppings.

By transforming your residential or commercial place back to a peaceful, clean and healthy state, we help you live a quality life.

Thoroughspect also offers moisture assessments and moisture remediation via commercial dehumidification systems in New York. Your inspector will Be Brian M. Sweig and he will be bringing more than 25 years of specialized and award-winning experience with him to correctly diagnose your home’s issues.