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Brian and his team were great. He provided us with a thorough evaluation of our house (we were first-time homebuyers and had just purchased the house in October) and all the points where rodents could enter.

Many of the things he noticed were in hard-to-reach and out-of-view areas that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise—it’s amazing the things that go on right under your nose! The previous owners of the home clearly did not keep up with their rodent control program.There were numerous glue boards that had caught mice but were left unchecked, meaning mouse carcasses throughout our attic. They also used many half-measures, like poison, rather than getting to the root of the problem, which was the many entry points throughout the house (especially the garage and attic).   After explaining the situation and answering our questions, Brian and his team began their work, using custom-made materials that wouldn’t degrade and that would ensure long-term access prevention.

From the roof down to the attic, he sealed up our house. We also received a five-year guarantee that we would be 95-100% rodent-free (the missing 5% was for things like leaving the door open too long and something scurries in). Overall we are very happy with the service. The price was a bit high, but to be fair we didn’t try to haggle either—-in our estimation peace of mind and his guarantee made the service worth it; trying to cut corners wouldn’t have been advisable. No rodent sightings so far, but he will be returning over the coming weeks to check the traps and make sure everything is working as it should.

Although not experts ourselves, we are confident in Brian’s work and are looking forward to no more unwanted tenants.

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