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Brian and the team at Thoroughspect are simply amazing. We called them after my husband found a dead mouse in our basement (we have lived in the house for about 5 months) and I wasn’t convinced that our extermination company was adequately addressing the issue. Brian came out and did a very detailed inspection.

He found way too many things for me to list here but some of the highlights were: 1) the previous owners had placed enough poison in the house to kill up to 40 pounds of animals, 2) not only were there mouse feces but also flying squirrel, 3) the house had been inadequately sealed at least two times before.Brian also pointed out things that could be potential issues totally unrelated to rodents. Some of these things were dangerous to our health and we are very grateful that he was able to identify the issues. In addition, he was able to provide recommendations for service providers for any issue that came up. The amount of knowledge he has related to homes is so impressive I would like him to write a manual for our house. After the inspection we hired him to seal the house.

There were numerous times throughout the process that I wondered what I was getting for the fee (it is not cheap) but at the end of the day feel that Brian and his team delivered their end of the deal and MORE. I would recommend this company without hesitation to any of my closest friends and family. If you have any type of rodent problem, stop wasting time and call Thoroughspect. You will be happy that you did.

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