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Please visit if you need guidance but do not want a human to visit your home during the Covid 19 pandemic.

GREAT.  Brian Zweig and his team are extremely thorough (thus the name I guess) from start to finish.  The inspection is comprehensive and useful even if you choose not to have any follow up work done.

In addition to sealing the home for pest control I found Brian to be more comprehensive than most complete home inspectors.  We chose to go ahead with a complete seal of our home to deal with mice and flying squirrel  intrusion n our attic.  His team came out as scheduled and performed the work over several days.I am happy to say that after a week the rodents were gone and our home was quiet again.  I would highly recommend that if you choose to have your home sealed that you be home to see how Brian and his team go about their work.  You learn a ton about your home and appreciate that what he does is an art.  Each home is different and requires a unique approach.  It’s a tedious process to seal all the access points.  They spend the time necessary and get it done.  Finally Brian is constantly following up after the job is complete to access the job and the status of any remaining critters.

I highly recommend Brian Zweig and his team.

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