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I cannot say enough positive things about Brian Sweig and Thoroughspect, LLC. He was prompt. He took an incredible amount of time to go over the property during the inspection process. He was clean and respectful of my property.

(Even taking the added measure of putting shoe covers on before walking inside.) He took the time to explain the things he was photographing and explaining how rodents, bats, etc entered as well as how he would rid my home of these unwelcome critters through the practice of excluding them. He was great with my dogs and completely understanding of my concerns over poisons and things that might harm domestic animals. When Brian and his work crew came to do the work they were quiet, clean and respectful of everything. They worked quickly and efficiently without interrupting any aspect of my home or my routines. Brian’s knowledge of his business is quite impressive. In addition to the inspection and sealing of my home, Brian has a wealth of knowledge on buildings and structures. While working in my home, he pointed out several structural issues which need to be corrected, such as a live electrical wire dangling in my utility room! He was able to offer suggestions for improving other situations in my house as well. He goes the extra mile for his clients. He is extremely conscientious. I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I called Thoroughspect in an emergency situation after coming across what I thought to be a mice nest in my backyard near the patio. Despite being involved with another project at the time of my call, he made the extra effort to get out to my house later in the day to check out my emergency. He was able to put me at ease when he told me it was actually a rabbit’s nest! (Subsequently I knew to keep my dogs away from the area.) I appreciate working with Brian and this company from start to finis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and use them again in the future.

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