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After the inspection, I received a quote within a week, and was scheduled for the sealing service 2-3 weeks later. The sealing took 5 days (was quoted for 3-5 days) as our house is 100 yrs old with nooks and crannies and holes put in strange places by contractors over the years – all great access points for the mice, squirrels, snakes and bats we had in our attics and patios.

Exit traps were installed on days 1-2 and the animals were given 4 days to evacuate. A team of 2 went over our house in meticulous detail to fill in every hole and repaired numerous gaps in the ceiling of our garage too. Brian was on site every day also. All three are very hard workers and very diligent, pleasant people. The price may sound steep but considering it’s 100+ man-hours of work, plus materials cost, plus a 5-yr warranty, it’s *extremely* reasonable. Esp considering the alternative cost of annual rodent trap services. Go with this AAA+ service – you won’t regret it!
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