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Just recently we had a flood in our basement. Actually, water was backing up from a clogged gutter and coming through our front door, into a window well and the basement. Brian was our first call. He pinpointed the problem (bad positioning of
downspouts, poor drainage around the house) and fixed everything within a week.

The basement has been dry since, even after heavy downpours. And he installed a
dehumidifier in our old damp basement which has worked wonders.  It has even cured sinus headaches which my
husband used to get during damp seasons.
But I first met Brian when we had just bought this house and found it had a massive mouse population.
We had hired another highly rated company who had contracted, for a premium fee, to come and place and remove traps whenever we wanted them to, and also to come up with an exclusion plan. They did neither,
even refusing to come to remove full traps more than once a month! The traps
they set would be filled in a day! We were referred to Brian and never looked
back. He sealed our entire house from mice, rats and flying squirrels, which
incidentally the other company missed completely! The work was expertly,
quickly and cleanly done.  They had to dig out our entire foundation and they tenderly removed every plant and then
replanted them.  In the course of his work Brian also found many problems which our home inspector had missed. He
either repaired those problems or recommended someone who could, and even his referrals
were wonderful.
Whenever anything goes wrong in this house (and believe me, with an antique house, there are always problems)
I call Brian. He is the best!
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