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Brian Sweig knows more about homes, systems and safety than any contractor I’ve ever worked with. He found problems in our home which our inspector totally missed, including a live propane line a propane leak, , asbestos and evidence of a fire in the basement and chimney.

He stood to make no more money by pointing out these problems, he was just concerned for our safety. He gave us incredible advice on maintaining systems and avoiding problems, and when you own an antique home, problems and money have a way of multiplying quickly. The money we spent with Brian and Thoroughspect was the best investment we could have made for our home and our peace of mind. The animal removal and extermination problems we brought him in to take care of were handled sensitively, cleanly (he works without poisons) and completely (he guarantees his work for 2 years). I am so grateful to Brian for his above and beyond, amazing service!
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