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This was probably the BEST experience with a contractor EVER.  Brian is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic about his work, which all shows in the finished project.

He also shows alot of integrity and concern for the environment which we greatly appreciate.  This was not a fun project as one can imagine (who wants to have to deal with rats?) and there was a certain level of anxiety but Brian made the whole experience positive.  Was it more expensive than hiring an exterminator and laying poison, etc, yes, but that would not have solved the problem and in fact would have probably led to more (ie dead rodents in our walls).  In the end, our problem has been solved in a humane and safe way, and because of the thourough sealing that Brian and his team did we are confident the problem won’t come back.  We feel very comfortable again in our own home, and best of all we know if we have any problems or questions in the future Brian will be there to help us.
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