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Brian & his team are very knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. Brian takes the time to really explain how mice and other animals are getting in, and the work they need to do. They sealed our house against mice (and any other critter that might want in).

The team was very diligent at finding any possible entry point; and then sealing those points. During the inspection, no bats were detected; but between the inspection time and the work; some bats and birds moved into our chimney. They got them out, and gave a great recommendation for a company to install a chimney cap. They then inspected the cap work done to ensure that no bats/birds etc could re-enter. They also found a leak where a chimney goes through the roof, and fixed it. When the sealing was almost done, we caught several mice who no longer had a way OUT of the house. This is exactly as was planned; i.e. to seal the house, then trap those still inside. After the work was done, they set lots of mouse traps to be sure that no mice remained; and none do. We are very happy with Brian’s customer service, work done, and communication. Highly recommend. The peace of mind that comes with living rodent free is wonderful thing!. They are not cheap, but well worth the expense. They are very busy, and Brian explained up-front the wait time before starting. They did start the job when they had estimated.
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