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Exceptional, life-changing service well worth the investment!!! The Thoroughspect team worked 5 days, 9-5, as professionally as one could imagine to get the job done right. After which we had the comfort of knowing the work itself was warrantied against failures.

Simply put Thoroughspect accomplished what we, and numerous other experts and professional concerns had previously deemed impossible: keeping our home rodent free. We’ve been in this house 25 years. For the first 22, with monthly visits from the professionals, despite glue boards, steel wool, and spray foam, we’d always had incursions, droppings, etc… in our basement, attic and crawl spaces. Mice, bats and even squirrels on one occasion. This will now be the third year running that we’ve had none. ZERO. The industrial strength snap-traps Thoroughspect left behind, have served more as a proof of concept than anything else. None of them – scattered from attic to basement – have been tripped. We’re frankly astonished, and of course, entirely 100% satisfied. Brian and the team are consummate professionals, one of the few we’ve encountered that not only deliver exactly (if not more) than promised, but do so with first-rate customer engagement,dependability, and service. Count us among Throroughspect’s customers who can truly say, “Living rodent free has changed our lives!”
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