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Brian came or emailed every day regarding the work. His workers were  efficient, neat and very polite. They did extensive work around the house and in our crawl space, shoring up the numerous potential entries to my home.

They worked outside of my house installing mesh, netting and polymer (I think) to seal the holes made around my foundation. They sealed up the inside crawl space, set traps for anything that may have remained inside and CLEANED the crawl space incredibly well. Brian continued to follow up by email for a couple of days to be sure that all was quiet. I am delighted with the work, the crew and their extreme competence. I would use Brian again for additional work as it is clear he knows what he is talking about. My only observation for the uninitiated is that there is a TON of work involved, so after speaking to Brian and getting the full details of the job, I better understood the price.
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