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We purchased an old house last year that was in some disrepair. We had a baby on the way and we realized that we had a fairly serious pest infestation (mice, bats) and a damp basement with bad quality air.

After a negative experience with an exterminator who used toxic chemicals without resolution we decided to find someone who understood how to solve the problem in other ways. Brian came over and did a full inspection and provided us with a detailed list of issues and what he felt were the top priority items. We liked his “no obligation, no pressure” presentation and his obvious knowledge of old houses and all the various dimensions of our problem both on the pest side and the moisture side of the problem.
Once the work started we received daily updates, often with cell phone pictures that Brian sent to us of the ongoing work. The onsite workers were meticulously clean and courteous and we were thrilled with the results. I now can use a basement room as my home office and we are totally pest-free. I feel that Brian has made the home safe for our baby and I would highly recommend Thoroughspect. We intend to use them again for another round of improvements this spring.
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