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Five words come to mind when reviewing this service provider: integrity, expertise, diligence, customer service.
Stewarded by owner / operator Brian Sweig, Thoroughspect offers a spectacularly complete package.

For starters, there’s the most thorough and honest review of the customer’s home and exclusion issues ever witnessed.  But it doesn’t end there, as Mr. Sweig leverages an exceptional background in numerous disciplines to offer expert advice on all homeowner concerns.
Those familiar HGTV’s popular “Holmes on Homes” will immediately recognize the similarities, and perhaps more importantly realize the benefits.  Mr. Sweig spots poor or improper worksmanship like most others scratch an annoying itch.  He then provides high resolution images as evidence.  For the skeptics, this is most certainly NOT self-promotion, as Mr. Sweig’s company will not implement corrections, nor does he offer referrals (unless requested).
Setting all that aside, the real crux is exclusion – ensuring the only things entering the customer’s home are those that are invited.  And on that end, Throroughspect succeeds like no other.
On initial inspection, the estimate for correction may seem high, perhaps extraordinarily so.  However, considering the costs of monthly inspections, trap maintenance, poisons offered by the traditional companies, multiplied over the number of YEARS to achieve results that are far from desirable, the cost for a permanent, GUARANTEED fix is not only fair, it is downright reasonable.
In our case, Mr. Sweig’s Thoroughspect was confronted with rodent exclusion issues that had persisted for over 20 years.  The usual concerns were engaged along with assurances that the utmost had been done.
They were wrong, as issues persisted.  Rodents continued to be caught in traps, new droppings appeared, bats and even squirrels continued to find their way into our home.
Throroughspect’s team were engaged over a period of 5 full working days,  beginning mid-week, through and including the weekend.  The work encompassed our entire house – from the lowest point of the foundation to the highest point of the roof, and all 4 corners of the garage.  Every area was scrutinized, every potential entrance remediated.
All the while, his team were absolute professionals, focused, 100% dedicated to getting the job done right.  Mr. Sweig remained engaged, answering every question posed, while remaining steadfast that once the job was completed, the results would be nothing less than 100% exclusion.
He was not wrong.
As a result our traps remain untouched.  And we are now living rodent free for the first time since we moved in.
Mr. Sweig’s Throughspect deserves nothing less than our highest recommendation; our respect, our most sincere gratitude . Just like “Holmes on Homes,” they are entirely dedicated to “getting it done right” while providing exceptional customer service.
Absolutely well done guys!!
A Group