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I purchased an Angie’s List Big Deal for this service and it was okay. I have not made a decision yet, but I think the assessment was very good. We got a quote for follow-up work, but we have not decided on that one yet.p;

I think the assessment was very fair and I really liked it. I think the contractor gave very, very good advice and gave a fair quote, but we are trying to decide if this project is in our budget. This company had a very good rating on Angie’s List so I gave them a chance. The price we got was very good and the person who came out proposed to seal the house all the way around and put traps out to get rid of the pests. He gave the impression that he was very competent in this area and knew what he was talking about. He also gave advice that was above and beyond. His recommendations were related to other things we could fix around the house. I thought it was a good inspection and I was surprised. If we decide to do the sealing of the roof he definitely will ge the job.    &nbs
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