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Since moving to our house 2 years ago we’ve gone through multiple contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc BRIAN IS THE ONLY SERVICE PROVIDER WE HAVE EVER HAD THAT DID EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD, AND MORE.

We found Brian after buying a house in the woods with major rodent and bat issues. We have small children and were extremely concerned. Not only have we been completely rodent and bat free for 2 years since Brian sealed the house, but he has also come back more than once (no charge) to follow-up on completely unrelated issues he noticed around our house. He’s a good, genuine guy. Our thought was that we would rather pay Brian to solve the problem upfront than a pest control company that makes it money by doing regular maintenance (i.e. if the problem goes away completely they don’t get paid anymore). We could not recommend Brian more highly, for his sealing services or for home inspections.
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