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Brian Sweig, the owner of Thoroughspect, was on site for supervision of all of the work. He was always punctual, intelligent and polite, very attentive to detail, and exceptionally careful of our property and household possessions.

We found him to be very knowledgeable about his field of expertise and he fully explained all of the work that was going to be done in advance, and provided updates of his progress and findings on a daily basis, including photographs. Brian is a consumate professional and a really nice guy too. We found him to be completely trustworthy. Brian’s approach, unlike many in this field, focused on fixing the problem for the long term, not just dealing with the results of the problem with a short term fix. To date, the crawl spaces, basement and attic have been completely rodent free. Brian frequently stops by to check out the house and his work to assure its continued efficacy. While the work was not inexpensive, like most things in life, you often get what you pay for. I believe the results and the experience suggest it was a good deal. In addition to the work performed contractually, Brian’s high level knowledge of house construction and systems and his great focus on detail allowed him to point out other aspects of the house that were in need of attention, including roofing, chimney and brick work, heating and air conditioning sytems, and plumbing issues, work that Thoroughspect does not do.
I believe Brian sets very high standards for himself, his team and the work provided. I wish more contractors would emulate him, and not work at the minimum standard, which seems to be quite common these days. It was a good feeling to know high levels of professionalism still can be found.
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