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Brian and his team are excellent. The inspection was extremely thorough and detailed. In addition to pointing out areas where the mice and flying squirrels were entering the house he pointed out several areas in my home where maintenance should be done including a leak in my roof near the chimney and a leaking propane tank.

The actual work to seal the entire house from basement to attic was performed in about 5 days. The team worked very hard to seal all entry points. They were punctual and cleaned up very well after they finished working each day. Brian inspected the work on a frequent basis. Once they sealed the house they left one-way exit tubes for the bat(s) to leave in the spring. He also placed traps in the basement and attic for any remaining rodents to be trapped. He then came a few days later to check on the traps.
Thoroughspect did an excellent job. They are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We have no remaining rodents in the house. We are extremely pleased with the work and would hire them again in a minute. Brian and his team will come back in the spring to remove the one-way exit tubes and to seal the area. The work is guaranteed for 4 years.
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