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Though my attic didn’t have any signs of critters, he did see an area of mold on the inside wood of the roof. In the basement, there was a space in the cinder block wall that allowed light to go through, which I had not seen.

Though he was there to talk about critter entry, he noticed little things like a tiny area on my boiler chimney pipe where exhaust/smoke could seep into the living space.
He noticed that I have a carpenter ant issue a corner of the garage, which he said was there for about 3 years, judging by winged ants that were caught in a spider web. Apparently winged ants only appear in a well established nest. Regarding the ants, which I don’t  see anywhere at  this time of year, he emailed me a couple of different chemical names that can treat the area till it can be addressed in the Spring. I plan to use his services to fix a few areas of my home.
On the outside of the house, he showed me areas of the siding that can be filled/sealed to prevent  critters from entering. There are also finger-space areas where the stone stoop attached to the house, where critters might enter.
I found him very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He was also quick to answer my emails and subsequent questions. I have a   chronological plan of what needs to be done first, before I call for his services.
Thank you Brian. Will call you.
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