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Brian (the owner of Thoroughspect), came to our house to do an initial assessment.  He was very thorough and took pictures of everything he found, which was quite a bit.

I had two other companies come out to give me quotes and one company didn’t even find the rats and the other one found one place the rats were living but didn’t find half their entry points that Brian did.
Brian’s communication throughout the process was excellent – he works by email which is how I prefer to work as well.  Scheduling the start of the work wasn’t easy as they were very busy and we kept having major snowstorms.  Once work got underway it went very quickly. Brian again took pictures of all the work that was done and emailed them to us, so it was easy to see the progress.
Best of all, we have no more rats.  Granted, it wasn’t cheap but I’d use them again for sure.  It’s much better to pay more to someone who knows what they’re doing and cares about doing the job right.  If I had gone with either of the other companies I looked at I am 100% sure I would still have rats in my home today.
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