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Please visit if you need guidance but do not want a human to visit your home during the Covid 19 pandemic.

I was extremely satisfied with Thoroughspect, and in particular Brian Sweig (owner).  Brian and his team did a fantastic job on my house making it 100% pest free (which included challenges from mice and bats).

At the time I contracted Brian, I was uncertain if the conditions could be repaired, nor was I aware of where all of the problem areas were.  Brian and his team engaged in a thorough examination and provided me the readout – in graphic detail (inclusive of revealing pictures).  I was shocked at how the areas of entry were not obvious – but Brian’s past skill and experience highlighted the areas quickly.They then developed a comprehensive plan for remediation and extermination – which was easy for me to understand why it was needed.  Brian and his team then simply executed to perfection – my house is now “locked down”.  It has been several months since the repairs – and there is no trace of any pest; all past entries were blocked (using state of the art materials which are not noticeable), and I am now confident that the problem was taken care of.

I would absolutely recomend Brian and his team for any job large or small – and I only wish I had contacted him sooner.  Brian also pointed out other areas of the home that needed to be addressed – which was another “above and beyond” service…

Great job and extremely recommended…

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