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Brian Sweig is professional, reliable, environmentally careful (he uses no poisons), and extraordinary knowledgeable. He applies his knowledge to all aspects of rodent proofing and water proofing a home using thermal imaging to detect access points, then a variety of methods to seal them. Detail-oriented, and dedicated to his task, he goes beyond expectations, living up to all claims on his website,

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Brian Sweig knows more about homes, systems and safety than any contractor I’ve ever worked with. He found problems in our home which our inspector totally missed, including a live propane line a propane leak, , asbestos and evidence of a fire in the basement and chimney.

He stood to make no more money by pointing out these problems, he was just concerned for our safety. He gave us incredible advice on maintaining systems and avoiding problems, and when you own an antique home, problems and money have a way of multiplying quickly. The money we spent with Brian and Thoroughspect was the best investment we could have made for our home and our peace of mind. The animal removal and extermination problems we brought him in to take care of were handled sensitively, cleanly (he works without poisons) and completely (he guarantees his work for 2 years). I am so grateful to Brian for his above and beyond, amazing service!
Chris Storm
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We purchased an old house last year that was in some disrepair. We had a baby on the way and we realized that we had a fairly serious pest infestation (mice, bats) and a damp basement with bad quality air.

After a negative experience with an exterminator who used toxic chemicals without resolution we decided to find someone who understood how to solve the problem in other ways. Brian came over and did a full inspection and provided us with a detailed list of issues and what he felt were the top priority items. We liked his “no obligation, no pressure” presentation and his obvious knowledge of old houses and all the various dimensions of our problem both on the pest side and the moisture side of the problem.
Once the work started we received daily updates, often with cell phone pictures that Brian sent to us of the ongoing work. The onsite workers were meticulously clean and courteous and we were thrilled with the results. I now can use a basement room as my home office and we are totally pest-free. I feel that Brian has made the home safe for our baby and I would highly recommend Thoroughspect. We intend to use them again for another round of improvements this spring.
Jonathan Pytell
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We had experienced field mice and other vermin in our home for years, with traps serving as our “best defense”, but the problem seemed to grow worse.  We were referred to Brian by someone who had heard of him by word of mouth.

This bit of serendipity has improved our enjoyment of our home immeasurably.Brian came in and methodically diagnosed the multiple vulnerabilities of our house, identifying potential routes of entry and characteristics of our home’s construction. He presented us with a written proposal. Upon our acceptance, he returned to complete the job in a reasonable period of time and timely met his promised commitments throughout the project.

We have not seen evidence of any mice since the sealing. We have also benefited from his recommendations to address other insect pests. As impressive as the results are, what is notable about Brian is his zeal for what he does and his ability to communicate effectively in person and via E-mail.  He inspires confidence in his work and follows up repeatedly to ensure the results are satisfactory, demonstrating true professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Howard Altschul
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We are in the process of finishing our attic on our five year old home and were in the phase of insulating the attic.  The insulation company came in and said they thought we had some bats, but were not sure whether it was a small number or large number of bats.

Although we had some bat guano over the years, it was not anything sizable.   So before we started walling in the attic, we decided to eradicate any varmints that were roaming in our attic.
This process started out slowly with a few of the competitors coming in and saying they could get the bats out with a couple of different approaches.  All of them had the general dialogue of what you would read in a franchise brochure, but none of them really impressed me.  So we waited a few weeks and were at a loss on how to address this problem.  Then we logged into Angie’s List to find another group of exterminators.  In this batch we had a few more companies, including Thoroughspect, LLC.   When Thoroughspect showed up, we got a very comprehensive inspection and assessment.  Where all the rest of them just said we could get the bats out, Brian Sweig looked at the feces and concluded we had a problem with four varmints (Grey Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Bats, and field mice).   He was the first company to assess we had a broader problem and was the first company to focus on removal and sealing the house.   I don’t know if the other companies did not notice the different types of animals, or more likely, they did not care.   We then had some very detailed discussions with Brian after his thorough inspection, reviewed pictures of the gaping holes in our attic, and put an action plan in place to remediate.   For each of the animals we created a different approach to eradicate and then seal.
Three weeks later, we could not be happier.  The attic and basement have been sealed and the varmints have been humanely removed.   We have sealed the dormers and the many holes into our attic.  It was a long-term investment in our biggest asset.   Although we initially debated with an approach to just remove the current animals, we are ecstatic that we have sealed the house and will not have this problem again.
I cannot say enough about THOROUGHSPECT,LLC.   I have never written a review for Angie’s List much less any website, but Brian and ThoroughSpect properly determined the scope of our problem, put a multi-pronged strategy in place to eradicate and seal, and completed this ON TIME and ON BUDGET!
Additionally, the inspection that Brian delivered not only addressed our known issues, but he also noted a few other issues we have with our chimney, windows leaks, boiler, etc.  Through his inspection, Brian also noted our radon fan from the basement had stopped working and the radon system was not working properly.  We got the servicemen out quickly to fix that one!  Just another example of how Brian went above and beyond expectations.  Brian also works with the Dog Rescue and had significant knowledge he shared with us on taking care of our four-legged friend.   He truly cares about his customers!
I would tell any of my friends to have Brian come out and give you a quote.  You will immediately see the difference!   I would definitely use him again for these type or other services!   He was thorough, knowledgeable, careful, responsive, and delivered the job on time and on budget!I would tell any of my friends to have Brian come out and give you a quote.  You will immediately see the difference!   I would definitely use him again for these type or other services!   He was thorough, knowledgeable, careful, responsive, and delivered the job on time and on budget!

Marcella Barry
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Brian Sweig, the owner of Thoroughspect, was on site for supervision of all of the work. He was always punctual, intelligent and polite, very attentive to detail, and exceptionally careful of our property and household possessions.

We found him to be very knowledgeable about his field of expertise and he fully explained all of the work that was going to be done in advance, and provided updates of his progress and findings on a daily basis, including photographs. Brian is a consumate professional and a really nice guy too. We found him to be completely trustworthy. Brian’s approach, unlike many in this field, focused on fixing the problem for the long term, not just dealing with the results of the problem with a short term fix. To date, the crawl spaces, basement and attic have been completely rodent free. Brian frequently stops by to check out the house and his work to assure its continued efficacy. While the work was not inexpensive, like most things in life, you often get what you pay for. I believe the results and the experience suggest it was a good deal. In addition to the work performed contractually, Brian’s high level knowledge of house construction and systems and his great focus on detail allowed him to point out other aspects of the house that were in need of attention, including roofing, chimney and brick work, heating and air conditioning sytems, and plumbing issues, work that Thoroughspect does not do.
I believe Brian sets very high standards for himself, his team and the work provided. I wish more contractors would emulate him, and not work at the minimum standard, which seems to be quite common these days. It was a good feeling to know high levels of professionalism still can be found.
Michael Kamen
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Service went well.  Brian was great.  They started and finished when they said they would.  We highly recommend his services.

Beth Sclafani
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Brian is a true professional and an expert in inspecting and sealing homes against pests. He thoroughly inspected our home inside and out, beginning with the attic.

He knew what to look for and how to find areas in the house that were inviting to unwanted guests. We could not have done this by ourselves. He did a great job with addressing fears and providing reassurances that he would get the job done quickly and completely. Brian followed through on every promise. He showed up when expected, he provided the reports he promised, including high resolution images of the problem areas that we could not see.True to the name ThoroughSpect, the inspection and the sealing process were thorough. Only the highest grade materials were used and the work is warrantied.Brian also provided us with additional tips and tricks for our home improvement plans. It is rare to find someone so professional, hardworking, knowledgeable and personable. Thanks Brian. Thanks Angie’s List.

Maureen Allwood
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Brian Sweig of Thoroughspect/THE SEALER/BUSTED! takes the quote “runs a
tight ship” to new heights. The fact that he is extremely
knowledgeable in this arena of rodent control is an understatement.

We knew we were in competent hands from the moment Brian returned our
phone call inquiry.
At our initial “thorough” walk through, Brian, a kind, caring,
individual with a sense of humor, not only expertly, using all the
available new technologies, assessed rodent access to our home in a
clear, concise manner, but in addition, and so very valuable to us,
pointed out numerous spots throughout our indoor and outdoor space
that were in need of attention (potentially
dangerous situations such as not having a clip closure on our power
box and antiquated ceiling fire alarms, or bringing to our attention
that a recent renovation of a bay window had not been fully completed
– no insulation – and that this was contributing unnecessarily to
a higher heating bill)
having nothing to do to rodent access. We have found Brian to be
the ultimate problem solver.
The project was completed in a timely manner. In addition,
Brian‘s communication was the best that we’ve ever encountered with a
contractor. He kept us informed via phone, texts, photos
with overlying text, arrows,
etc. every step of the way, for his plan of action, as well as
exactly what was completed each day in his work at our home.
Each home situation, although certainly with similarities, has unique
challenges. The bottom line is that when you are in need of help for
rodent control, it is important to have faith in the company selected
and to believe that the job will be done to your satisfaction. We are
over-the-top satisfied with the service Brian Sweig has provided to
us and now look forward to a safer, cleaner, calmer, and more cost
effective home life.
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We called Brian because we were getting high humidity levels and had bats in our roof space. He did an extremely thorough inspection of the house, and was back very promptly to deal with both problems. He responds immediately to emails and his team did very neat and effective work – like beautiful caulking and invisible sealing where very rough-and-ready work had been done previously – and they dealt with every single one of the many issues that Brian spotted in his inspection.

Brian really does seem to know about how to exclude animals humanely and effectively, and with both jobs he took pride in using the most effective materials. He was great to work with – friendly and businesslike, and he offered advice on several issues that didn’t profit his company directly. It really was great to work with Brian, and we recommend him strongly.
Michael Allwood
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I bought the coupon for inspection from Angie’s list. Brian went far beyond identifying pest control problems and highlighted other issues in the house. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in recommending him.

Anand Hugar
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We had purchased a big deal for the service, and they were good. We have chosen to go with them for the treatment.

Jeffrey Kechejian
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I purchased an Angie’s List Big Deal for this service and it was okay. I have not made a decision yet, but I think the assessment was very good. We got a quote for follow-up work, but we have not decided on that one yet.p;

I think the assessment was very fair and I really liked it. I think the contractor gave very, very good advice and gave a fair quote, but we are trying to decide if this project is in our budget. This company had a very good rating on Angie’s List so I gave them a chance. The price we got was very good and the person who came out proposed to seal the house all the way around and put traps out to get rid of the pests. He gave the impression that he was very competent in this area and knew what he was talking about. He also gave advice that was above and beyond. His recommendations were related to other things we could fix around the house. I thought it was a good inspection and I was surprised. If we decide to do the sealing of the roof he definitely will ge the job.    &nbs
Laurent Schares
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Brian came or emailed every day regarding the work. His workers were  efficient, neat and very polite. They did extensive work around the house and in our crawl space, shoring up the numerous potential entries to my home.

They worked outside of my house installing mesh, netting and polymer (I think) to seal the holes made around my foundation. They sealed up the inside crawl space, set traps for anything that may have remained inside and CLEANED the crawl space incredibly well. Brian continued to follow up by email for a couple of days to be sure that all was quiet. I am delighted with the work, the crew and their extreme competence. I would use Brian again for additional work as it is clear he knows what he is talking about. My only observation for the uninitiated is that there is a TON of work involved, so after speaking to Brian and getting the full details of the job, I better understood the price.
Jill Stayman
A Group

Inspected Basement, Attic and exterior for evidence of pests.  Offered
solutions for identified problems.  Also offered helpful advice on
maintenance items not specific to pest control.

Jack Mehler
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Brian is fantastic!  He was punctual, extremely knowledgeable, personable and walked the extra mile for us.  He did a wonderful job rodent proofing our home, but was also very helpful with other areas in the house that needed attention.  He really took the time to explain everything to us and even provided us with a great plumber for a leak he found during his inspection.  His rates are more than reasonable, especially given the amazing service he provides.  I highly recommend Brian and Thoroughspect.

Marian Schaly
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Brian Sweig responded promptly and set up an appointment for a week later. His inspection of our home was very thou rough and well worth the inspection fee of $55 that we received from being an Angie’s list member. We do indeed plan to utilize his services to seal our home and remove existing rodents.

Blaine Marder
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Brian and Thoroughspect are absolutely amazing. Brian is great. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has really been a spectacular resource. He is actually coming over later today. There is no more aptly named company than his. He is absolutely thorough in every conceivable way. He has actually been working here ever since then. It was a big deal purchase of $49. There has been additional cost. He has also recommended me to an electrician and that’s very helpful. He truly is thorough.

Tommy Wilson
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I hired Thoroughspect to provide sealing and exclusion work around my house after initially engaging them through an Angie’s List promotion for a rodent exclusion inspection.  Brian and his team went way above and beyond my expectations in the care and detail they put into sealing all rodent access points in my home.

I am amazed at the substantial amount of work that went into identifying and sealing every possible entry point in my garage and around the exterior of my house.  Not only did they tighten up all vulnerabilities but they also greatly improved the general appearance of my house’s exterior by realigning soffits in their brackets and carefully removing ineffective foam that had been applied previously.  And, most importantly, all work was completed in a timely manner and at the quoted price. Brian’s craftsmanship is exceeded only by his honesty and integrity.  I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone in need of home sealing services.
Matthew Kleinman
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Brian is a true master in the art of identifying vulnerabilities in the construction of a house.  He was perfectly punctual in arriving for our appointment and he performed a very detailed inspection of all levels of my house, complete with photo documentation of his findings.  Brian even pointed out other helpful tips such as where I had water running into my foundation from a gutter downspout. This visit led me to hire Thoroughspect on subsequent house sealing work.

Matthew Kleinman
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Brian begins by performing a thorough inspection of your home – from top to bottom – and provides a detailed analysis, complete with photos, of what is needed to seal your home from pests.

Next, his team work to create a barrier around the perimeter of the house.  Then they ensure that all openings are closed so that rodents cannot gain access.  In our case,Thoroughspec also took out the old dirty insulation from our crawl space, cleaned the crawl space and then replaced the insulation.  after the work was finished, the crawl space was clean and we had the comfort of knowing that we would be free of mice/rats and rodents that were coming in from the wooded areas surrounding our home.
Nora Suppers
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Brian and his team were great. He provided us with a thorough evaluation of our house (we were first-time homebuyers and had just purchased the house in October) and all the points where rodents could enter.

Many of the things he noticed were in hard-to-reach and out-of-view areas that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise—it’s amazing the things that go on right under your nose! The previous owners of the home clearly did not keep up with their rodent control program.There were numerous glue boards that had caught mice but were left unchecked, meaning mouse carcasses throughout our attic. They also used many half-measures, like poison, rather than getting to the root of the problem, which was the many entry points throughout the house (especially the garage and attic).   After explaining the situation and answering our questions, Brian and his team began their work, using custom-made materials that wouldn’t degrade and that would ensure long-term access prevention.

From the roof down to the attic, he sealed up our house. We also received a five-year guarantee that we would be 95-100% rodent-free (the missing 5% was for things like leaving the door open too long and something scurries in). Overall we are very happy with the service. The price was a bit high, but to be fair we didn’t try to haggle either—-in our estimation peace of mind and his guarantee made the service worth it; trying to cut corners wouldn’t have been advisable. No rodent sightings so far, but he will be returning over the coming weeks to check the traps and make sure everything is working as it should.

Although not experts ourselves, we are confident in Brian’s work and are looking forward to no more unwanted tenants.

Aaron Fossi
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Brian and his crew spent an entire week installing one-way traps, wire mesh, concrete, and various other devices and mediums to seal and pest-proof the house.

They took pictures as they went along to show us where the issues were and what they had done to resolve them.  The house is 100 years old and there were untold access points for unwanted critters. This workmen are thorough, neat and efficient.It was a pleasure to have them on the property and working in and around the house.My only complaint was the length of time between the initial inspection and the actual work.  I believe this was caused by the inundation of calls received from the promotion.  In all fairness, Brian did tell me at the beginning that there would be a delay.The work is guaranteed for 5 years and I won’t hesitate to call if need be.  I would highly recommend Thoroughspect to anyone needing pest control and exterminating services.

Katharine Spearman
A Group

The final product was absolutely top notch. All aspects of the house were sealed and protected, including: garage, foundation, attic, and siding.

I am very confident in the job Thoroughspect LLC performed and would recommend their services to anyone. Brian was/is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to not only rodents and protection, but with other home inspection items as well. He was very helpful.
The only downside was the amount of time it took to perform the services. We would not know Thoroughspect would be coming to the house until the evening prior. Granted, it was busy season for sealing and our house is larger, but the process was a bit longer than we would have hoped; however, still very happy and confident with the final product.
Jeffrey Kechejian
A Group

Brian is possibly the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met on issues involving home maintenance and pest elimination. Scheduling was easy, he came precisely when he said he would, and he performed an incredibly thorough interior and exterior inspection, despite the fact he had an injured arm.

He is a very personable and decent person. He pointed out numerous rodent access areas, and identified several unrelated conditions that could pose a hazard. He sent a report and pictures of all of the issues in a timely manner.It was an excellent value. The only issue I had was that it was too costly for us to have him do the actual work of eliminating the access points to exclude the rodents, so we’re attempting to do the work ourselves in the first instance based upon the information he gave us. I hope it works. If not, we’ll have to bite the bullet ask him do the work.

Cathleen Condren
A Group

House was completely sealed from attic to basement, have not seen any critters, and is guaranteed for the next five years! Strong work.

Heidi Madera
A Group

GREAT.  Brian Zweig and his team are extremely thorough (thus the name I guess) from start to finish.  The inspection is comprehensive and useful even if you choose not to have any follow up work done.

In addition to sealing the home for pest control I found Brian to be more comprehensive than most complete home inspectors.  We chose to go ahead with a complete seal of our home to deal with mice and flying squirrel  intrusion n our attic.  His team came out as scheduled and performed the work over several days.I am happy to say that after a week the rodents were gone and our home was quiet again.  I would highly recommend that if you choose to have your home sealed that you be home to see how Brian and his team go about their work.  You learn a ton about your home and appreciate that what he does is an art.  Each home is different and requires a unique approach.  It’s a tedious process to seal all the access points.  They spend the time necessary and get it done.  Finally Brian is constantly following up after the job is complete to access the job and the status of any remaining critters.

I highly recommend Brian Zweig and his team.

Blaine Marder
A Group

They sealed all potential entry ways into the house by rodents and bats.  Sealed the complete foundation and sealed off the eaves and other potential entry points.  They should up each day as scheduled and have done multiple site visits to check the final work and to check the traps inside the house.  They’ll be back in the spring for a final check of their product.

Kurt Raschi
A Group

Brian was very easy to reach.  I booked an inspection with him on relatively short notice on Christmas Eve.  He arrived on time and was extremely thorough with his inspection and explanations.

I never got the feeling he was giving me a pitch and he pointed out numerous items I could fix on my own rather than paying unnecessary costs.  I was super impressed by his knowledge and intuition.  I will definitely be using his company in the near future.  Updates to follow.4.22.14
Our home has been rodent free for a few months now!  The winter weather was brutal, but Brian and his team worked hard to get as much of our home sealed as possible before it became impossible.  As of now, we are nearly complete with just a few sealing spots remaining.  I SIMPLY CAN NOT RECOMMEND BRIAN HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!!!!!  If you are even slightly concerned about rodents/water/basically anything in your home, consult with Brian.  You will not be disappointed.
Jonathan Holub
A Group

Brian came over to the house for a consultation, and I found him to be both extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his line of work.

I had originally hoped to take care of the problem myself after getting a few pointers from Brian, but quickly realized
that if I wanted  a complete home seal and peace of mind, hiring Thoroughspect was my best option.  Over several days, Brian and his team sealed every area imaginable around the foundation, in the garage or under the eaves that a rodent or bat could enter. With good reason, you can tell that Brain truly believes in the quality of work and results that you will get from a job completed by Thoroughspect.  Brian and his team were very responsive to any questions or concerns I had, and at no point did I feel they were rushing to another appointment.  I would definitely recommend Thoroughspect for a complete home seal.
Eric Howarth
A Group

Gave good hits for many practical issues.  He is very friendly, thorough, knowledgeable about remediation in the house.

Judy Zingher
A Group

Brian sealed the outside of my home to keep pests out. Waterproofed my basement. His staff was prompt and diligent in their work.

Ricardo Thomas
A Group

Thanks to Angie’s and to Thoroughspect for this help We have used them for Painting, Masonry Chimney repair, Inspections, Ducts and other things as well.

m zion
A Group

It went great.  He was a fountain of information.  We learned a great deal about our house! Brian
M. Sweig is an absolute resource.  Thank-you!

Conrad Bareiss
A Group

Thoroughspect spent a tremendous amount of time walking around our home and pointing out issues.  He willingly shared his extensive knowledge with us and was extremely courteous.  Would highly recommend!

Kimberly Ball
A Group

From the first phone call with Brian, he was pleasant, professional and showed complete competence for his profession. Brian showed up for the consultation on time with a good nature spirit about what he does, how and why.

As Brian examined all possible entry points inside and outside the house, he took photographs, explained what he was looking for, what he found and his plan of action to make my home rodent free. The consultation took about an hour. His report along with the photos was sent to me same day. Because of Brian’s extensive knowledge, work ethics and attention to details, Thoroughtspect has been hired to remove bats (and other rodents) and to seal my home from futures infestation.
Sonia Alvarez
A Group

Brian and the team at Thoroughspect are simply amazing. We called them after my husband found a dead mouse in our basement (we have lived in the house for about 5 months) and I wasn’t convinced that our extermination company was adequately addressing the issue. Brian came out and did a very detailed inspection.

He found way too many things for me to list here but some of the highlights were: 1) the previous owners had placed enough poison in the house to kill up to 40 pounds of animals, 2) not only were there mouse feces but also flying squirrel, 3) the house had been inadequately sealed at least two times before.Brian also pointed out things that could be potential issues totally unrelated to rodents. Some of these things were dangerous to our health and we are very grateful that he was able to identify the issues. In addition, he was able to provide recommendations for service providers for any issue that came up. The amount of knowledge he has related to homes is so impressive I would like him to write a manual for our house. After the inspection we hired him to seal the house.

There were numerous times throughout the process that I wondered what I was getting for the fee (it is not cheap) but at the end of the day feel that Brian and his team delivered their end of the deal and MORE. I would recommend this company without hesitation to any of my closest friends and family. If you have any type of rodent problem, stop wasting time and call Thoroughspect. You will be happy that you did.

Amy Floyd
A Group

Takes great care in evaluating complex home difficulties, and persists in challenging situation to find accurate answers and creative solutions founded in high level of knowledge! Honest and understanding, with communication through either email or phone.

phyllis aries
A Group

It went well.  We had a little bit of a shaky start since the weather got so bad , Brian wasn’t able to get to me as quickly as I expected, and it would have been good if he kept in touch with me.

But once he got here and did the work, he and his crew were quick and thorough.  I haven’t heard (or seen) any evidence of any uninvtied guests so I sleep much better at night.  I thought the price was a little high, but the peace of mind it gave me is worth every penny.
A Group

he provided lots of good advice

Bruce Patterson
A Group

so awesome this guy did the best job!
no more mice!!

Cindy Cole-Becker
A Group

He was awesome! I wish he was my home inspector. Brian was detailed, helpful, and hilarious. He even went out of his way to list and photograph everything I needed to do.

Andre Raffington
A Group

We had to wait a while for the weather to allow outdoor work.  When Brian came back he brouight two workers and introduced them to me right away.

He also used a discrete vehicle!  They started on the foundation while Brain set traps in the attic and crawl space.  The job took two and a half days.  During that time I followed my regular schedule and experienced no odors or excessive noise.

Brian demonstrated his caring and creativity with a particularly large opening in the front, by the garage door.  He re-did it with new materials and then camouflaged it to blend in with natural stone; a work of art!
Brian is a professional who knows both his craft  and how to allay a client”s concerns.  It helped that he has a good sense of humor and is easy to talk to.

Norma Ramirez
A Group

He was extremely competent and thorough.
A tremendous inspection and terrificly detailed proposal for remediation.

Randolph Eddy
A Group

On the main task of getting bats, mice and squirrels out of our house Brian initially did a very thorough (just as the name implies!) inspection of our house and even send me photos to work for possible entry ways and things he will attend to.

He was very prompt on completing the task, checking in as promised and being very organized and detail oriented. Most superb job and would very highly recommend him for the job. Most excellent!
Anna Martynova
A Group

I contacted Thoroughspect after seeing an Angie’s List deal for their inspection service on house sealing against rodents and other critters.  I had suspected squirrels had entered my attic after hearing noises above my bedroom  throughout the cold winter and initially thought i would investigate and attempt to do some sealing myself when the weather was warmer.

Boy, am i glad i saw the Angie’s List deal and reached out to Brian!  After seeing the deal, i did my normal due diligence on the provider, checking their website, reading reviews and comparing competitors.  I can truly say no one came close to the level of specialization and attention to detail that Thoroughspect has in this particular service.  I was impressed at the positive reviews and the content on the website which demonstrated through pictures, videos and words what i would expect them to be doing.
Upon purchasing the deal, Brian, the owner of Throughspect quickly responded to me via email and we set up a convenient time for him to come by my house for the inspection.

Brian arrived right on time for our appointment (he actually arrived early and had already done a quick visual inspection of the exterior of the house unbeknownst to me) and I immediately found him to be a likable, personable person.  This was especially so after he offered to remove his shoes in our house and was playful to our 3 year old son.  We did a walk around the perimeter of the house, with Brian pointing out all the potential entry points, nooks and crannies that i never would have thought a mouse, bat or squirrel would be able to enter from.  After the exterior, he came inside and did a thorough inspection of my basement, pointing out some issues and helpful tips (e.g. expired fire extinguisher, how to deal with mold in a washing machine, etc).  Apparently, Brian is also an experienced general contractor and was very helpful in commenting on good and bad aspects of my house, something i really appreciated.
After the basement inspection we did quick tour of the first and second floor and then really focused on the attic where the major issue was.  As the entry to the attic was in my son’s room above the closet area we had to move a wardrobe and other things blocking the area.  Brian got his ladder from his van and then entered the attic. As i’ve only been in my unfinished attic once (during an inspection before i purchased the house) i was expecting the worse given the activity i heard from my bedroom throughout the winter.  Brian confirmed my fears as he saw a total occupation in my attic by squirrels.  There were very clear penetration points and apparent damage to some duct work connected to my central A/C system.  I was horrified by the fact that my family and I were potentially exposed to harmful air that would have been pulled into this system through the vents in all of our rooms.  Brian took many pictures and commented on all the activity happening in the attic as if he were a squirrel.  This made a lot of sense as this is what he normally deals with and he clearly understands the behavior of these type of rodents.  After he finished up we discussed some next steps, one of which was the delivery of a complete written report to me and that concluded the inspection.  Within the week, Brian had emailed me a very detailed report which documented practically everything we discussed during the inspection together with lots of annotated photos explaining issues and highlighting areas that needed to be addressed.  An estimated scope of work, with several options and cost was also provided.    I couldn’t be more satisfied at the $49 i just spent for this inspection.   After reading and digesting the report the easy decision to hire Thoroughspect to seal my house was made.

House sealing:
After paying a partial downpayment and scheduling an appointment for the work, Brian and his team arrived at my house about a week later ready to do a complete seal from top to bottom.  Similar to Brian, his two person team was very friendly and respectful of our house, taking great care in ensuring a clean and neat job.
Work on both the exterior and interior was done, in installing one way traps in the attic to wire screens and wood blocks (to seal spaces on an exterior crawl space door which mice can squeeze through) in various cracks and areas around my house.  There was a lot of the work involved as many pieces of objects needed to be customized and/or fabricated on site for a perfect, tight fit.
Brian was at my house every day work was being done and also made individual visits after the two days to check on traps left in the attic to remove any live squirrels that were caught, which there were on each occasion. Part of Brian’s and Thoroughspect’s mission is to be  environmentally and socially responsible.  This was evident in that no poisons were used and squirrels that were captured were released some 50+ miles from my house into a wooded area.  Brian himself is a pet lover and from what i understand he also runs a dog shelter/rescue and rehabilitation program.

Follow ups:
Upon completion and full payment for their work, Brian continued to email me asking if there were any noises to be heard.  I am happy to report that my attic seems completely sealed from squirrels and i am waiting for cleanup work in the replacement of insulation and repair of ductwork from another company (since Thoroughspect does not do this type of work).
Just last week i heard an irregular noise coming from a soffit in one of my bathrooms.  Not sure what that was i reached out to Brian and he came to investigate the same day.  It turned out to be a bird who somehow got through a vent louver.  Even though this was not part of the original scope, Brian happily installed a wire screen for us.  I could not be happier with the service and folks from Thoroughspect.  I highly recommend Brian and his team for any house sealing and have no hesitation to answer any questions anyone may have on my job.

John Wong
A Group

This was probably the BEST experience with a contractor EVER.  Brian is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic about his work, which all shows in the finished project.

He also shows alot of integrity and concern for the environment which we greatly appreciate.  This was not a fun project as one can imagine (who wants to have to deal with rats?) and there was a certain level of anxiety but Brian made the whole experience positive.  Was it more expensive than hiring an exterminator and laying poison, etc, yes, but that would not have solved the problem and in fact would have probably led to more (ie dead rodents in our walls).  In the end, our problem has been solved in a humane and safe way, and because of the thourough sealing that Brian and his team did we are confident the problem won’t come back.  We feel very comfortable again in our own home, and best of all we know if we have any problems or questions in the future Brian will be there to help us.
Eric Fuller
A Group

Very professional and courteous. Provided very detailed report and summary on inspection of various areas of house.

Tony Lesica
A Group

We had critters in our house – entering from the roof. Brian explained everything to us well, gave us advice on protecting our home, and humanely helped the animals escape. He fixed the problem and was great to work with.

Sarah Miller
A Group

Brian reached our place on time and was very professional. He certainly is expert in his field and was very thorough inspecting ventilation system in our attic and spent his time checking other area such as foundation and heating system.

Basically i got much more than i hoped for and i would certainly use his services in future and recommend to my friends.
Neeraj Aggarwal
A Group

Just recently we had a flood in our basement. Actually, water was backing up from a clogged gutter and coming through our front door, into a window well and the basement. Brian was our first call. He pinpointed the problem (bad positioning of
downspouts, poor drainage around the house) and fixed everything within a week.

The basement has been dry since, even after heavy downpours. And he installed a
dehumidifier in our old damp basement which has worked wonders.  It has even cured sinus headaches which my
husband used to get during damp seasons.
But I first met Brian when we had just bought this house and found it had a massive mouse population.
We had hired another highly rated company who had contracted, for a premium fee, to come and place and remove traps whenever we wanted them to, and also to come up with an exclusion plan. They did neither,
even refusing to come to remove full traps more than once a month! The traps
they set would be filled in a day! We were referred to Brian and never looked
back. He sealed our entire house from mice, rats and flying squirrels, which
incidentally the other company missed completely! The work was expertly,
quickly and cleanly done.  They had to dig out our entire foundation and they tenderly removed every plant and then
replanted them.  In the course of his work Brian also found many problems which our home inspector had missed. He
either repaired those problems or recommended someone who could, and even his referrals
were wonderful.
Whenever anything goes wrong in this house (and believe me, with an antique house, there are always problems)
I call Brian. He is the best!
Chris Storm
A Group

The service was good. He was very informative and walked me through everything. We had just purchased a new house so he educated me on what to look for.

Nicholas Lung-Bugenski
A Group

Brian performed a comprehensive review of my home (including photos) of rodent access point and provided a full report. His crew examined my home inch by inch for access point and closed them.
Brian and his staff were professional, knowledgeable and incredibly resourceful. He is a man of his word – a dying breed!

cassandra grisby
A Group

He worked efficiently, cleanly and followed through.

Judy Zingher
A Group

Thoroughspect is far and away the best contractor we’ve ever worked with on any home maintenance issue, bar none. Initially, we thought the price quoted was a bit high, and we thought we would try to do the work ourselves — a big mistake; it is absolutely impossible for an untrained person to do this work adequately.

We gave up and called Thoroughspect back. After watching the team work for almost a week, going over every square inch and fixing even the tiniest potential point of entry, we found the price to be quite reasonable. We have found from hard experience that when it comes to rodent control and exclusion, you get what you pay for, and you simply can’t do better than Thoroughspect. Apart from that, Brian is an incredibly responsive, caring and honorable person, ready to help in any way he can. He is a wealth of valuable knowledge and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Cathleen Condren
A Group

The day after the work was complete, Brian came over to do a walk through with my Husband and I to explain everything that went on. So far it has been a week and so far so good!
Brian will be coming back 2 weeks from the day of completion to do another check and look at the snap traps he put in our attic & indoor crawl space.

Timothy Miller
A Group

I was extremely satisfied with Thoroughspect, and in particular Brian Sweig (owner).  Brian and his team did a fantastic job on my house making it 100% pest free (which included challenges from mice and bats).

At the time I contracted Brian, I was uncertain if the conditions could be repaired, nor was I aware of where all of the problem areas were.  Brian and his team engaged in a thorough examination and provided me the readout – in graphic detail (inclusive of revealing pictures).  I was shocked at how the areas of entry were not obvious – but Brian’s past skill and experience highlighted the areas quickly.They then developed a comprehensive plan for remediation and extermination – which was easy for me to understand why it was needed.  Brian and his team then simply executed to perfection – my house is now “locked down”.  It has been several months since the repairs – and there is no trace of any pest; all past entries were blocked (using state of the art materials which are not noticeable), and I am now confident that the problem was taken care of.

I would absolutely recomend Brian and his team for any job large or small – and I only wish I had contacted him sooner.  Brian also pointed out other areas of the home that needed to be addressed – which was another “above and beyond” service…

Great job and extremely recommended…

Todd Morrison
A Group

The service went very well. Brian did a total review of the exterior of the house, interior inspection of the basement and attic.

He followed up with photographs of possible entry points and a further follow up explaining that the results were so minimal that I should caulk the areas instead of hiring him for further work which I felt was quite honest. Brian was very competent and thorough. He also identified other areas such as corrosion on the boiler that could use follow up even though it is not his area of expertise which I appreciated.
Steven Friedman
A Group

Brian was very thorough in his inspection.  He discussed everything he saw as he went through the inspection, and then he followed up with pictures and the details and estimates.

In addition, he pointed out some things about the house that were potential problems that were not related to rodent issues.  We have not followed up with Thoroughspect on the recommendations due to other priorities.  His estimates were reasonable, and he seemed very knowledgeable and honest.
Suzanne Fleisher
A Group

I thought they did an excellent job. We had a couple mice. They did an excellent job on the inspection and their tips. They were efficient and he explained what he was doing. They were professional and he was really knowledgeable about what he was looking for.

Glen Cunkle
A Group

I purchased the Angie’s Big Deal for a home inspection for pest access points @ $55. Brian spent ca 2 hrs inspecting our home and explaining all the things he found, not limited to rodents or work done by his company, but also items of general concern e.g. loose chimney door, misaligned heating ducts, furnace nozzle sizing, clogged gutters, carpenter ants, leak in roof, cracked chimney, etc.

I find him to be a very well-informed, honest individual. It was an extremely informative overview of general work needed on our new home. An incredible value for $55 even if you never plan on doing the actual remediation (considering a home inspection is hundreds more in cost and probably less thorough). His quote for the remediation is in-line with others reported here on Angie’s List and, we feel, very fair considering the scope of work to be performed on our 1920’s home. Looking forward to moving forward with the work ASAP and a rodent-free home.
Chandra Margetis
A Group

He was very informative. He gave me some tips. We had a mouse problem, so he inspected the house. He really helped me with something other than exterminating.

He realized that my gas line pipe had needed to be painted and he said that he smelt gas. There ended being a tiny leak that the gas company fixed. It took maybe a week to get the appointment scheduled. He was on time and inspected my house for about an hour. I felt very positive about his visit.
A Group

Excellent.  Brian is a true professional who passionately loves being excellent in his field.  He communicated very well with us all along the way.  The price originally surprised us, but we were so impressed with his expertise and the description of the depth of the issue and the solution required that we decided to go with him.

It was a great decision.  His crew sealed the house from the outside, with maybe 8 days of manual labor tucking copper mesh into every crevice a creature could enter the house from.  He checked on the house regularly to understand the impact of the work already performed.  Further, he recommended a company to perform services to replace all of the insulation inside the house that the creatures were living in.  He then helped us by quality checking that company’s work.  We would highly recommend him and believe the price was worth the value.
Jessica Cain
A Group

The work was absolutely great and better than my expectations. They live up to their name of thorough, both in the initial inspections and the repairs.

Bryan provided photos of all areas where he detected issues. He explained how they would treat everything. Over the course of the few months, they took care of rodents and bats. I was also away for the last 2 weeks when a swarm of yellow jacks had penetrated through the wall boards. He even left glue traps outside to make sure yellow jacks would not be back. He was very responsible and I would highly recommend them.
Helen Goodman
A Group

Everything was easy smooth professional and excellent.  They were very thorough, professional, and clearly had a great knowledge of what they were doing.

Susan Letcher
A Group

They did a good job and I would consider using them again.

John Jackson
A Group

After the inspection, I received a quote within a week, and was scheduled for the sealing service 2-3 weeks later. The sealing took 5 days (was quoted for 3-5 days) as our house is 100 yrs old with nooks and crannies and holes put in strange places by contractors over the years – all great access points for the mice, squirrels, snakes and bats we had in our attics and patios.

Exit traps were installed on days 1-2 and the animals were given 4 days to evacuate. A team of 2 went over our house in meticulous detail to fill in every hole and repaired numerous gaps in the ceiling of our garage too. Brian was on site every day also. All three are very hard workers and very diligent, pleasant people. The price may sound steep but considering it’s 100+ man-hours of work, plus materials cost, plus a 5-yr warranty, it’s *extremely* reasonable. Esp considering the alternative cost of annual rodent trap services. Go with this AAA+ service – you won’t regret it!
Chandra Margetis
A Group

He honored the big deal amount.  He was very knowledgeable and very professional.  He did a good job and he gave me a lot of information.

He’s going to send me an estimate for rodent proofing my house, which I haven’t gotten yet.  He told me that it would take him a while to get back to me.  In the meantime, he gave me a lot of tips on things I could do on my own which I’ve already done a few, and it’s already making a difference in my house.  If his bid comes in at a reasonable price, I’m going to hire him to rodent proof my house.
Jann Draper Elliott
A Group

We first purchased a big deal from Thoroughspect about a year ago, after noticing rodent activity shortly after moving into our house.

Brian, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable and gave us thorough advice on what to do to the keep the animals out of the house. He also gave us a lot of other helpful advice on what to else to fix around the home. We purchased a full home sealing job from him. The actual work was delayed for a number of reasons that were outside of the contractor’s control (weather, etc.). Throughout the process, Brian communicated with us in a very timely, friendly and professional way. The work included sealing all possible holes in and around basement/garage/attic (there were a lot, most of them not obvious for us as non-experts). At the end, one-way exit tubes were installed at about 10 of the previous entry points (and kept for 4 days), and we saw signs in several of them that bats and mice left the home (squirrels had left before). Brian was on site most days or he called us to check on the progress. The fee may sound steep, but considering that job took at least 5 full days (some of them with two of his guys) and that this is a 50+ year old house with a lot of entry points for rodents, the fee is actually very reasonable. Brian (and his guys) also fixed a few other minor things in the house free of charge – one of those guys that just gets things done. Again, we’re 100% satisfied.
Laurent Schares
A Group

Brian is a true profesional and great at his line of business. He is a pleasure to deal with and truly does whats best for his clients. Highly recommended.

Jared Ponzini
A Group

Brian, from the company came to my house and did a thorough inspection of my crawlspace, utility room, attic and perimeters of my house.

He didn’t find any evidence of activity in my house which I’m grateful for that. What I most liked about him is that he was giving me advice on things I could either repair myself or have a professional take care of in the future. In this day and age when
it’s hard to find reliable companies who aren’t out to just get your money, I really appreciated his honesty and valued his opinion on questions I had. I would definately use this company in the future.
Althea Kay
A Group

Excellent experience. From initial quote til installation and through to post-installation follow-ups, the experience with Thoroughspect was fantastic.

The dehumidification equipment has thoroughly remedied our humidity problem (and thus helping the source of a mold problem); not only the basement but throughout our 2100 sq ft home we now enjoy much drier, cleaner air. The installation was done very neatly despite the fact that it’s “just in the basement” where no one sees it. This was a pleasant surprise vs installations by other contractors in the basement which have always been untidy and haphazard. Not the case at all with Thoroughspect – they clearly take (warranted) pride in their work. Very highly recommend this provider.
Chandra Margetis
A Group

Very professional.  We have had no problems since work was done.

Wendy Gottlieb
A Group

he is more than just a rodent inspection. he took his time went thru the whole house and made very good suggestions. For example he looked at our nat gas and thought it was leaking. he stood with my pregnant wife until gas folks came. they replaced the unit. he is very careful. I would HIGHLY recommend.

Nathaniel Brogadir
A Group

Cannot sing the praises of this company or its owner, Brian, loudly enough. I contacted him for help with an emergency situation at my home this afternoon, he emailed and called me back within 2 minutes and within a matter of hours he was there with the necessary equipment and know how to solve the problem.

Thank you, Brian, for your excellent customer service – we continue to be very satisfied repeat customers.
Chandra Margetis
A Group

Mr. Brian Sweig came to my house as scheduled for his inspection. His services went above and beyond my expectations. You can tell Brian is serious about his craft and his attention to detail is appreciated.

Brian and I walked through the house and he made general observations about possible entry points for pests and also methods that he would use to remedy. We went through the entire house and he also pointed out things like potential moisture issues, and even evidence of past termite activity in the garage (which my home inspector missed, we just purchased the property). In retrospect, wish i would have hired Brian to do my inspection! Brian followed up with a detailed picture report of the problems he found. Overall, for a $49.00 service I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend this service to homeowners who are having pest problems.
James Langlois
A Group

Brian prioritzed our home since he knew how serious our problem was with infestation and two young children at home.  His prices were more than reasonable. His team also worked very hard and did a great job.

Geraldine McIlduff
A Group

The provider came to my home at the appointed time (on time) went through my entire house checking for rodents, took photos, discussed some findings with my husband, and followed with a detailed report via the internet.  He also discussed the work to mitigate our problem and the cost of the job.  Although we are not getting the work done now we may in the future and we would use the provider.

Barbara A Wolf
A Group

We had been getting bats and mice in house. Since work was completed and remaining mice caught and removed we have not seen any evidence of rodent activity.

Margaret Hampe
A Group

I had read the reviews and after this brief but thorough accounting and review of my problem I was impressed enough to commit then and there to the initial plan he offered.

I was pleased it included both humane baiting for the mice and several repeat visits back to my home to check the traps, access their numbers, and eventually close the access points in the attic…which thankfully was the only problem area. After the initial Angie’s List discount, it was a fee well worth the investment. With the cold spell we have had since Matt’s several (timely, efficient, thorough) repeat inspections, there has been no more scampering! I highly recommend this company for effective, communicative, professional work.
Nancy Rodman
A Group

Brian was excellent. He was on time, polite, clean and respectful.
He did a complete inspection and told us the work he would need to do on our home.  He examined every portion of our crawl spaces, outside our home and our basement.  He was great.

Eve Zibel
A Group

They contacted me within an hour of purchasing the deal. They informed me that they don’t service apartments or units without exterior walls, but he had given me a number of another company who could help out.

Brian Kelly
A Group

Though my attic didn’t have any signs of critters, he did see an area of mold on the inside wood of the roof. In the basement, there was a space in the cinder block wall that allowed light to go through, which I had not seen.

Though he was there to talk about critter entry, he noticed little things like a tiny area on my boiler chimney pipe where exhaust/smoke could seep into the living space.
He noticed that I have a carpenter ant issue a corner of the garage, which he said was there for about 3 years, judging by winged ants that were caught in a spider web. Apparently winged ants only appear in a well established nest. Regarding the ants, which I don’t  see anywhere at  this time of year, he emailed me a couple of different chemical names that can treat the area till it can be addressed in the Spring. I plan to use his services to fix a few areas of my home.
On the outside of the house, he showed me areas of the siding that can be filled/sealed to prevent  critters from entering. There are also finger-space areas where the stone stoop attached to the house, where critters might enter.
I found him very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He was also quick to answer my emails and subsequent questions. I have a   chronological plan of what needs to be done first, before I call for his services.
Thank you Brian. Will call you.
Rosemarie Mendola
A Group

Mice have made our basement their winter home since we built our house 15 years ago.  After reading all the great reviews, I purchased a home inspection from Thoroughspect.

Brian was punctual and did a comprehensive inspection of our house from basement to attic and pointed out several things that need attention. He found the areas where the mice were getting into the basement, and also found a spot in our attic where bats were coming in.  We hired Brian to seal up our house to insure no critters would be coming back this winter.  Throughout the process, Brian was very responsive and easy to communicate with via email.  His team was very courteous and conscientious… and always arrived when promised.  They professionally sealed all access points from top to bottom, including the foundation all around the outside of the house and inside the garage, plus fixed the gaps in the roof ridge.  Brian also fixed a few additional outside items that he noticed needed repair for no extra charge.  As of this posting, we are living mouse- and bat-free and couldn’t be happier!
Laurie White
A Group

Five words come to mind when reviewing this service provider: integrity, expertise, diligence, customer service.
Stewarded by owner / operator Brian Sweig, Thoroughspect offers a spectacularly complete package.

For starters, there’s the most thorough and honest review of the customer’s home and exclusion issues ever witnessed.  But it doesn’t end there, as Mr. Sweig leverages an exceptional background in numerous disciplines to offer expert advice on all homeowner concerns.
Those familiar HGTV’s popular “Holmes on Homes” will immediately recognize the similarities, and perhaps more importantly realize the benefits.  Mr. Sweig spots poor or improper worksmanship like most others scratch an annoying itch.  He then provides high resolution images as evidence.  For the skeptics, this is most certainly NOT self-promotion, as Mr. Sweig’s company will not implement corrections, nor does he offer referrals (unless requested).
Setting all that aside, the real crux is exclusion – ensuring the only things entering the customer’s home are those that are invited.  And on that end, Throroughspect succeeds like no other.
On initial inspection, the estimate for correction may seem high, perhaps extraordinarily so.  However, considering the costs of monthly inspections, trap maintenance, poisons offered by the traditional companies, multiplied over the number of YEARS to achieve results that are far from desirable, the cost for a permanent, GUARANTEED fix is not only fair, it is downright reasonable.
In our case, Mr. Sweig’s Thoroughspect was confronted with rodent exclusion issues that had persisted for over 20 years.  The usual concerns were engaged along with assurances that the utmost had been done.
They were wrong, as issues persisted.  Rodents continued to be caught in traps, new droppings appeared, bats and even squirrels continued to find their way into our home.
Throroughspect’s team were engaged over a period of 5 full working days,  beginning mid-week, through and including the weekend.  The work encompassed our entire house – from the lowest point of the foundation to the highest point of the roof, and all 4 corners of the garage.  Every area was scrutinized, every potential entrance remediated.
All the while, his team were absolute professionals, focused, 100% dedicated to getting the job done right.  Mr. Sweig remained engaged, answering every question posed, while remaining steadfast that once the job was completed, the results would be nothing less than 100% exclusion.
He was not wrong.
As a result our traps remain untouched.  And we are now living rodent free for the first time since we moved in.
Mr. Sweig’s Throughspect deserves nothing less than our highest recommendation; our respect, our most sincere gratitude . Just like “Holmes on Homes,” they are entirely dedicated to “getting it done right” while providing exceptional customer service.
Absolutely well done guys!!
Joseph Fremont
A Group

Brian was thorough, knowledgeable and respectful of our home and privacy.  In addition, he was a wealth of information of how to remediate environmental concerns.

His fee was a bit high, but I have confidence in the quality of the work provided.  I think you get what you pay for…and even though he has finished the job, he has been available to work with other contractors, as well as to do several rechecks on the viability of his work.
Lynn Edelson
A Group


Laura Luo
A Group

He was lovely. He came out and gave me a lot of information and was very nice. He was great.

Jean Mills Aranha
A Group

I could not imagine hiring a more thorough or professional individual than Brian/ company than Thoroughspect.

He was incredibly knowledgeable not only about pests and infestations, but about the entire house, in the way a home inspector would be. He was professional, polite, friendly, and extremely helpful.  I was initially concerned about the cost of the estimate, but when I realized how much work he and his crew put in, I think I got the better end of the deal overall.  He remained in touch throughout the process, was respectful of our privacy; making sure that he was the only one going inside the house, and continues to remain in touch to ensure that we have no current issues.
We could not be more pleased with his service. If you need pest control/extermination services, I doubt there is anyone better.
David Hile
A Group

Brian and his team are excellent. The inspection was extremely thorough and detailed. In addition to pointing out areas where the mice and flying squirrels were entering the house he pointed out several areas in my home where maintenance should be done including a leak in my roof near the chimney and a leaking propane tank.

The actual work to seal the entire house from basement to attic was performed in about 5 days. The team worked very hard to seal all entry points. They were punctual and cleaned up very well after they finished working each day. Brian inspected the work on a frequent basis. Once they sealed the house they left one-way exit tubes for the bat(s) to leave in the spring. He also placed traps in the basement and attic for any remaining rodents to be trapped. He then came a few days later to check on the traps.
Thoroughspect did an excellent job. They are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We have no remaining rodents in the house. We are extremely pleased with the work and would hire them again in a minute. Brian and his team will come back in the spring to remove the one-way exit tubes and to seal the area. The work is guaranteed for 4 years.
Robert Langford
A Group

I bought a big deal for this service and it was good. They were very knowledgeable.

edward winstanley
A Group

Brian (the owner of Thoroughspect), came to our house to do an initial assessment.  He was very thorough and took pictures of everything he found, which was quite a bit.

I had two other companies come out to give me quotes and one company didn’t even find the rats and the other one found one place the rats were living but didn’t find half their entry points that Brian did.
Brian’s communication throughout the process was excellent – he works by email which is how I prefer to work as well.  Scheduling the start of the work wasn’t easy as they were very busy and we kept having major snowstorms.  Once work got underway it went very quickly. Brian again took pictures of all the work that was done and emailed them to us, so it was easy to see the progress.
Best of all, we have no more rats.  Granted, it wasn’t cheap but I’d use them again for sure.  It’s much better to pay more to someone who knows what they’re doing and cares about doing the job right.  If I had gone with either of the other companies I looked at I am 100% sure I would still have rats in my home today.
Sam Tregar
A Group

He helped me with a lot of issues, such as the venting of my gas water heater, and an old termite trap, as well.  He is very knowledgeable about a lot of issues of home safety.

Cheryl Ann Ford
A Group

Outstanding work.  Even better customer service.  Very responsive.  More importantly, proactive communicating plans, setting expectations, etc.

Joseph Muscari
A Group

Very knowledgeable. Provided an extremely detailed inspection. I plan to have Brian back to correct some of the issues he uncovered soon.

Daniel Doty
A Group

Brian spent a great deal of time with us and was more than happy to answer any question we asked.  He even diagnosed that our water heater needed to be replaced.

Sean Galvin
A Group

Very knowledgable and thorough guy! Took many, many pictures of problems on our roof, crawlspace, etc, that alerted us to things we needed to deal with that went way beyond pest control. We’re very grateful to him for that. We will use him to deal with some of the issues he discovered this summer. Highly recommend.

dimitri sirota
A Group

I used them for an estimate, and the inspector was very thorough. He took his time to explain things. Excellent.

A Group

It went great. He found the critters that were coming through the house. He is very delightful to work with. He has done an inspection and I am waiting on the report, but planning on hiring him in the future.

Evan Goldman
A Group

Brian came in January to our house because we were having a mouse issue.  He gave us a detailed inspection of what were the causes of our mice issue.

He was very professional and provided us with pictures with the inspection as well.  Our house needed to be sealed all along the house, from top to bottom to make sure we wouldn’t have issues in the future.  He also recommended that we get a dehumidifier because the basement was getting to much moisture.  His team completed the sealing over a few weeks, and Brian installed the humidifier.  Overall his services were needed and done with professionalism.  I would recommend him to other people as well.
Brian Glogau
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Brian was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about sealing houses and was also able to help
us with several recommendations in other areas (i.e. asbestos removal).  He was incredibly thorough and took a lot of pictures
and annotated each one.  We hired Thoroughspect to seal our house from top to bottom.  He and his team were very polite, professional and friendly.  We were very happy with the quality of the work and would strongly recommend Brian and the Thoroughspect team.

Jill Melnick
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The crew spent several days trapping, eliminating and sealing the house.  They sealed every crevice in the basement, roof/attic and eaves.

They used a combination of copper and some sealant (I don’t remember what).  They’re work was thorough and meticulous.  They used their own proprietary traps instead of poison.  They also used special tubes that permit flying rodents to leave without permitting others to come in.the proprietor and his crew inspired confidence.  They delivered on everything they promised.  Not only were they superior in the execution of their contracted services, but they demonstrated a profound expertise in overall home inspection.  Their knowledge of home systems and care was an unexpected bonus.  Their work on rodent remediation coupled with their observation of problems with our home mechanical systems enhanced the quality of our life AND added value to our house.

Barbara Blanco
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went well. very knowledgeable and thorough.

Alex Figueroa
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Brian was very easy to deal with, extremely responsive and offered excellent and transparent communication throughout our dealings with him. Work was completed on the timeline he promised.

Brian provided an inspection of our home that noted a number of items for remediation, not limited to those that he would take care of in his services. A number of these had been missed in the inspection performed prior to our purchase of the home and by various other professionals that have performed work on the house.

Ultimately, Brian installed a dehumidifier and condensate pump for us in our crawl space, sealed the crawl foundation vents from the exterior and did so with thoughtful consideration of other projects we need to tackle in the near-term.

Christian Tynan
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Brian and his crew were punctual, professional, and thorough. Brian conducted an extremely thorough onsite inspection of the property. He is shockingly knowledgable about pests, their tendencies, and how to evict them permanently. He took photos of everything during the inspection and took detailed notes. He told me what he was doing and what he was seeing as he went. He even pointed out many issues with my home which needed to be addressed, but were unrelated to the pest issue.

Brian promptly provided an estimate within a few days, as promised. He was very easy to get in touch with to review the proposal and answer questions. There was absolutely no pressure to commit to any work. Based on other Angie’s List reviews, and my own experience during the inspection, there was not doubt that Brian was the guy for the job. We went to contract and Brian provided an estimated start date. The start ended up being delayed due to significant snowfall which accumulated all winter and made it impossible to get on the roof safely and get to the foundation. Once the snow melted Brian kept in touch to coordinate an agreeable start date. He and his crew showed up on time, as promised and got right to work. On Day 1, Brian set traps in the basement to quickly eliminate any pests that were already inside or might be passing through. The crew consisted of 3-4 men on a given day and they literally covered every inch of the exterior of the house and inside the garage. They sealed ridge caps on the roof, rake boards, soffits, eves, corner boards, siding, foundation, etc. They also completely sealed the attached garage from the house. The crew spent 4-5 full days until everything was completely sealed. Brian periodically returned during the week, and after his crew was done, to check the traps to ensure that all pests had been evicted.

After years of attempting to deal with this problem on my own Brian and his crew did the job in less than 1 week.

If you have a pest problem that you cannot resolve do not hesitate to call Brian at Thoroughspect and hire him to do an inspection. This one is a no brainer.

Christian Tynan
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The service went superbly. They were thorough, professional and friendly. I wish I knew about this company when I bought my house I would have used them for my home inspectors. They do an amazing job.

Barbara Blanco
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Booked him on Monday or Tuesday and he fit us in on Thursday. His crew showed up on time, as they always do, and went about their work quietly and quickly.

They treated two attics, a basement, a studio, a garage and several closets. They use all natural ingredients to “neutralize” the waste, and it has a very very mild and pleasant smell. They had to move boxes and furniture in attics and basement and they did so without disturbing things. These guys are truly great at what they do.

Chris Storm
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I cannot say enough positive things about Brian Sweig and Thoroughspect, LLC. He was prompt. He took an incredible amount of time to go over the property during the inspection process. He was clean and respectful of my property.

(Even taking the added measure of putting shoe covers on before walking inside.) He took the time to explain the things he was photographing and explaining how rodents, bats, etc entered as well as how he would rid my home of these unwelcome critters through the practice of excluding them. He was great with my dogs and completely understanding of my concerns over poisons and things that might harm domestic animals. When Brian and his work crew came to do the work they were quiet, clean and respectful of everything. They worked quickly and efficiently without interrupting any aspect of my home or my routines. Brian’s knowledge of his business is quite impressive. In addition to the inspection and sealing of my home, Brian has a wealth of knowledge on buildings and structures. While working in my home, he pointed out several structural issues which need to be corrected, such as a live electrical wire dangling in my utility room! He was able to offer suggestions for improving other situations in my house as well. He goes the extra mile for his clients. He is extremely conscientious. I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I called Thoroughspect in an emergency situation after coming across what I thought to be a mice nest in my backyard near the patio. Despite being involved with another project at the time of my call, he made the extra effort to get out to my house later in the day to check out my emergency. He was able to put me at ease when he told me it was actually a rabbit’s nest! (Subsequently I knew to keep my dogs away from the area.) I appreciate working with Brian and this company from start to finis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and use them again in the future.

Catherine Giorgio
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Had some rodents. Not sure how many because I (thankfully) never saw them and my husband wisely kept that information from me  I do know that our termite company was coming regularly to address the issue.

Hired Thoroughspect and work was performed approximately 6 months ago. Haven’t had one rodent or termite company visit since. Brian was also very professional and easy to work with.

He called from the house once to note that a light near the roof was out and asked if I wanted him to replace it (I did). He called another time and noted that my dog seemed to need/want a walk and asked if he could walk him (he did).

Thoroughspect provides a great service, and that fact that it’s eco-friendly is an added plus.

Kim Walker
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From the moment Brian stepped into our house, I knew he had more on his mind than just the exclusion process we signed up for.

He spent about 2 hours going through the house to identify what rodent issues we had. I actually didn’t tell him we had any issues outside of I heard some thumping in the attic (we had moved in 2 weeks prior). He took pictures and documented everything for us which took about a week to put together. That was just the initial inspection (Angie’s deal).
In addition to the exclusion related items, Brian went well beyond his scope of services to basically do another home inspection for us, identifying over a dozen things our home inspector missed, including a mold issue! Now I can’t say I was excited to learn of these new issues having just moved in, but Brian went out of his way to explain everything in detail and give me comfort it was all manageable. He saw I was somewhat handy, so he walked me through the things I could take care of myself, and recommended service providers for the bigger things. He even went as far as taking care of a few things for me during the seal process.
The seal itself took a couple weeks (5,500 sq ft colonial), including trapping / clearing the house. We had bats, flying squirrels, and mice; quite the party we were having in our basement and attic. Since the seal, we haven’t had anything in the house even though Brian gladly responded to a couple false alarms over the winter.
You might ask yourself why is this review titled bait and switch. I signed up for the Angie’s deal because Thoroughspect was rated well and frankly it was very reasonable cost-wise to find out what I had going on in the attic. The bait it is you think you’re getting an exterminator, and the switch is you get Brian. Without sharing all the other details, he genuinely cares about you and your family and is really there to be a partner not just a service provider. It’s not everyday you’re comfortable giving the keys to your house over to a stranger and his crew for a couple weeks with wife and young kids at home. As I’ve told Brian, I’ve never been happier working with someone on a real estate related project. Furthermore, he’s still happy to take a call or respond to an email months after completing service. He’s a wealth of knowledge and truly a great person, not just the next contractor looking to make a buck (although you should still plan on paying him as he’s worth every dollar)
Gamal Maklad
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On the two-year anniversary of our home fire we think of you with great fondness and gratitude.

When we hired you to manage our difficult situation with mice in our home, we never dreamt that you would save our lives. Although we had hired many people to work on this problem, until you no one had yet been able to help us beyond a short term fix. While you worked diligently to bring our home into a happy place for us, you noticed that we needed smoke detectors and other important factors to have a safe environment. It still amazes us to this day that you offered to help install the smoke detectors to ensure our safety and well-being (quite outside of the boundaries of your job). The fact is that we awoke in the middle of the night once our dishwasher caught on fire and ran out of our home to safety, all because of your kind and careful work. We want to thank you more than words can say, and with all of our hearts.

Robert Aries
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Amazing. They were here for days up on ladders on the roof, etc. Took pictures of all the problems and explained them.

They even went beyond the scope a bit and sealed up some areas that water was probably getting in at no extra cost. Alerted us to other roofing problems that we are calling in a roofer for.
Brian is so knowledgable and decent. I recommend him unreservedly and will never use anyone else.
dimitri sirota
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Rated AAA+.? I?have a very high standard for work that is performed in and around our large home in Northern Westchester.?

Brian was the single best contractor of any type that I have ever had walk through our door.? His knowledge and work surpassed all expectations (and then more). Brian and his team were at our residence for nearly 3 weeks.? I met with him nearly every day to receive updates, show me all the work he was doing and explain why he was doing it (along with the quality of materials he was using).? I wanted to be highly involved and Brian welcomed it.? Brian is incredibly passionate, you can always tell when you deal directly with the owner of a Company.? Needless to say, many months have now past and Brian has eradicated?our problems entirely. Perhaps equally as impressive, Brian’s knowledge of how a home should be constructed correctly is beyond compare.? While Brian was onsite, he discovered a small propane leak, a bad valve that we leaking water into our foundation, amongst other issues.? I also had him install a humidification system which has worked flawlessly. I told Brian that I would never buy another home without having him come by to walk thru it with me first! In short, you will never find anyone who checks more of the “A” boxes on Angies List than Brian.? I have never written a review before, but Brian deserves all the kind words (and many more) that I can leave for him.
Michael Quadrino
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The best $179 ever spent. ?Very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, extremely thorough (as noted in name) acted with integrity. ?Ideal personality for this line of work.?Would never look elsewhere for this type of service.?

JoAnn Kolmar
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Brian devised a plan to deal with the entirety of our problems. He started with eliminating the rat infestation from around the foundation, and then, set to work on removing the attic infestations and sealing the entire house against future intrusions.

The house is over 5,000 square feet, and his team sealed every conceivable opening, including areas around our shed. It has been several weeks and we have not seen hide nor hair of any of the offending trespassers. Brian and his team were true professionals throughout the work process. They worked unobtrusively for 2 weeks, always cleaned up the worksite in the evening, and were meticulous in their work. I can’t say enough good things about our experience. On top of all this, Brian is a genuinely caring and trustworthy individual. He looks for ways to go above and beyond…a rarity in our experience in Fairfield County CT. Thanks Brian!
Robert Costa
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Great provider – highly recommend. Excellent attention to detail, responsive, & has pride in a job well done.

Chandra Margetis
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Brian & his team are very knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. Brian takes the time to really explain how mice and other animals are getting in, and the work they need to do. They sealed our house against mice (and any other critter that might want in).

The team was very diligent at finding any possible entry point; and then sealing those points. During the inspection, no bats were detected; but between the inspection time and the work; some bats and birds moved into our chimney. They got them out, and gave a great recommendation for a company to install a chimney cap. They then inspected the cap work done to ensure that no bats/birds etc could re-enter. They also found a leak where a chimney goes through the roof, and fixed it. When the sealing was almost done, we caught several mice who no longer had a way OUT of the house. This is exactly as was planned; i.e. to seal the house, then trap those still inside. After the work was done, they set lots of mouse traps to be sure that no mice remained; and none do. We are very happy with Brian’s customer service, work done, and communication. Highly recommend. The peace of mind that comes with living rodent free is wonderful thing!. They are not cheap, but well worth the expense. They are very busy, and Brian explained up-front the wait time before starting. They did start the job when they had estimated.
Halley Gatenby
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Brian was highly responsive, extremely efficient, and led a skilled team to do outstanding work. He patiently described what he was doing on the initial inspection of the home and answered all my questions.

We ran his findings by a relative who is an experienced contractor; he found the findings, conclusion, and plan to be quite sound and recommended we pursue the “sealing up” project. Brian’s team was skilled and courteous and always ended the day with an immaculately clean and neat workspace. The project required that before the sealing up we do a massive cleanout of attic and basement. Brian brought in a team who did a fantastic job of cleaning out mountains of junk without leaving a trace in the living areas of the house. There has been to trace of mice or other critters since the project was completed. Even this week, months after the completion of the job, Brian promptly responded to emailed questions regarding some follow-up work being carried out by an electrician. I recommend Thoroughspect without any reservations.
Karen Edwards
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They did really good with follow up and coming back to fix any issues we may have had.

Michelle Naggar
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With little exception our past experience has been with contractors that overpromise and under deliver. This is NOT the case with Thoroughspect.

Just as the company name indicates, Brian the owner is very thorough and detailed. Both he and his team are professional and deliver high quality results. We initially contacted him to solve a rodent infestation. The $179.00 inspection was well worth the investment. In addition to providing a plan on how to approach the rodent issue, Brian pointed out several other issues with the home. At our request he also provided a well thought out proposal to solve a long term water leakage/drainage issue in the garage that also affected the first level of the home. All work was performed both in a timely manner and efficiently. The communication throughout the process was excellent. Since the rodent sealing was completed last October the house is mouse free and the garage is bone dry. Thank you Brian! We give a A++++ Rating without hesitation.
Merry Orchard
A Group

Excellent! Since Throroughspect sealed the house, we’ve had no recurring issues.

Kathryn Smith
A Group

Exceptional, life-changing service well worth the investment!!! The Thoroughspect team worked 5 days, 9-5, as professionally as one could imagine to get the job done right. After which we had the comfort of knowing the work itself was warrantied against failures.

Simply put Thoroughspect accomplished what we, and numerous other experts and professional concerns had previously deemed impossible: keeping our home rodent free. We’ve been in this house 25 years. For the first 22, with monthly visits from the professionals, despite glue boards, steel wool, and spray foam, we’d always had incursions, droppings, etc… in our basement, attic and crawl spaces. Mice, bats and even squirrels on one occasion. This will now be the third year running that we’ve had none. ZERO. The industrial strength snap-traps Thoroughspect left behind, have served more as a proof of concept than anything else. None of them – scattered from attic to basement – have been tripped. We’re frankly astonished, and of course, entirely 100% satisfied. Brian and the team are consummate professionals, one of the few we’ve encountered that not only deliver exactly (if not more) than promised, but do so with first-rate customer engagement,dependability, and service. Count us among Throroughspect’s customers who can truly say, “Living rodent free has changed our lives!”
Jeffrey Monte
A Group

Since moving to our house 2 years ago we’ve gone through multiple contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc BRIAN IS THE ONLY SERVICE PROVIDER WE HAVE EVER HAD THAT DID EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD, AND MORE.

We found Brian after buying a house in the woods with major rodent and bat issues. We have small children and were extremely concerned. Not only have we been completely rodent and bat free for 2 years since Brian sealed the house, but he has also come back more than once (no charge) to follow-up on completely unrelated issues he noticed around our house. He’s a good, genuine guy. Our thought was that we would rather pay Brian to solve the problem upfront than a pest control company that makes it money by doing regular maintenance (i.e. if the problem goes away completely they don’t get paid anymore). We could not recommend Brian more highly, for his sealing services or for home inspections.
Mark C
A Group

I first met Brian about 4 years ago after moving into our Westchester home. We hired him to do an inspection of the home. The name of the company fits him because the inspection was in fact very thorough.

We ended up hiring Brian and his team to do a complete house seal that took about 10 days as there was evidence in the house that there had been a rodent problem. The work they did was very impressive and the team was extremely professional. Four years later we are still rodent free! Nonetheless, I still have Brian come and inspect my home occasionally because he is one of the most knowledgeable, thorough, honest people I have ever met. From finding issues that could cause harm to my family (like mold in a corner) to simply pointing out that screws are missing from an electrical panel, he doesn’t miss a thing. I can’t recommend Brian and his team enough – they are simply the best. The service they have provided me over that last few years is above and beyond and I haven’t met a single home service provider that even comes close in quality of service. If you have any issue in your home (rodents or not), look no further and call Brian.
Amy Floyd
A Group

Brian and his crew have now sealed two houses for us, in addition to one out-building, and we could not recommend their work more highly.

Brian’s attention to detail and concern for doing things both safely and correctly are outstanding. If you’d like to live without rodents, keeping them out in the first place makes a lot more sense than calling the exterminator after they’ve invaded.
Deborah Shaw
A Group

I cannot say enough about Brian. I initially hired him to seal my home off from rodents as I am terrified of any critters.

I feel completely ‘ safe’ from these nuisances now! While assessing our home for critters, Brian also notices some mold and other minor issues that needed to be rectified. I wish Brian was my neighbor so I could have him on call 24/7!!
Rachel Gerber
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As a new homeowner, the best call I ever made was to Brian, at Thoroughspect. Brian’s masterful knowledge about the design, function, and health of a home, combined with his expertise in safe and effective pest removal/ exclusion absolutely sets him and his team apart from others in the field. The team spares no detail in their inspections, diagnostics, and work – and Brian is eager to share his wealth of knowledge to support and teach his clients. In a profession where coupons, fliers, and infomercials misguide homeowners into cutting corners and spraying foam into cracks or using poison to “control” an infestation; Thoroughspect is an absolute diamond in the rough.

Matthew Rubenstein
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My husband and I really appreciate all the work that was done to get rid of the unwanted rodents in our home that Brian and Thoroughspect did. We had exterminators and another company try and seal our home but still kept getting mice regularly so I Googled and found this company. The initial charge for the inspection was affordable and with the information Brian provided us including a pretty bad gas leak ( I had no idea Brian does lots of different types of inspections) we knew we had a shot at living rodent free- his trademark.

Amy Jacobs
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We had trouble selling our home as we had all sorts of critters running around. We had a few pest control companies and a few wildlife exclusion companies come and check our home out to see why we had a zoo. We had a couple of people spend 10-20 min, 1 guy spend 35 minutes and was pretty good but was going to use foam in the can and copper mesh- no way!

Mike Simpson