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Trapping for Mice Available

Trapping programs for mice. We use snap traps only and do not use poison or glue boards so we know where rodents die. The customary home should have no less than 20 snap traps installed to ensure a quick mouse clean out. Thoroughspect will install snap traps for mice and clean them out several times over the trapping period be it 7, 10 or 14 days to gage the actual infestation to help your family create a safer environment. 914-755-5633 or 203-800-3887 Call today to talk to a rodent expert.

Our Services

Available Services for Pest and Rodent Control in Fairfield County Connecticut and Northern Westchester County New York

No matter what your rodent problem may be including mice, flying squirrels or bats Thoroughspect can seal your home so these nuisance pests cannot get inside your Greenwich Connecticut home. Mice in the kitchen can cause health issues as the mouse droppings and mouse urine carries bacteria. Pest control companies offer an ongoing service, but Thoroughspect actually seals the exterior of your home and does not use any poisons or foam in the can when sealing homes in Greenwich Connecticut.

Whether it’s beneath the beds, behind the sofa or on the kitchen countertops, the rodents play havoc in our lives when our homes are infested with them. If you are the one who has suffered a lot with this problem, you must have done several efforts to annihilate those unwanted small mammals that have put your life in big jeopardy. But, do you know that there is one better way to handle this situation? That is our seal off services for Rodent inspection Greenwich Connecticut! Now keeping mice out in Greenwich or any other rodent is not as challenging as you think. Let’s learn more details below!


Mice, Flying Squirrels and bats can really make your home in Greenwich Connecticut less enjoyable and is certainly not healthy. With a Thoroughspect Mouse, Flying squirrel or Bat Inspection we can get your home analyzed and you could be Living Rodent Free in no time at all in your Greenwich Connecticut house as we will have a qualified baseline of how the critters are making entry into your home in Greenwich Connecticut, and a game plan to exclude the mice, Bats, and Flying squirrels.

You don’t have to do all that planning, trapping and killing to dispose of mice, bats, squirrels or rats. Let experts be hands-on this task! Thoroughspect helps you right from rodent fecal clean up to finding their hidden living digs or shelters to removing them altogether from the house. But we stand out from the rest to make sure the re-infestation does not ever trouble you. With a thorough inspection All for pest control Greenwich Connecticut throughout your home, we bring all the damages that are caused by these intruders to your notice. Our ultimate approach is to block off all the entry points to provide a guaranteed prevention from their re-encounter.


Thoroughspect assesses moisture in Greenwich Connecticut basements and attics on a regular basis and can install dehumidification systems to meet the customers specific moisture control needs as each home has its differences. Santa Fe dehumidification units as well as Aprilaire dehumidification systems can be installed in Greenwich Connecticut to Control moisture issues in your damp basement.

Thoroughspect also assists homeowners to control the level of moisture in their home with Moisture control Greenwich Connecticut. So, don’t worry if your home is located in chilly surrounding with plenty of humidity in the atmosphere or a leaky roof has left your attic filled up with water. We are always ready to help whenever humidity has taken a toll on your place!