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The critters Thoroughspect deals with are all small and limited to mice, flying squirrels (and squirrels in general), as well as bats in Greenwich Connecticut. If I had to euthanize anything like a raccoon or fox I’d have to have a funeral for it. I love animals, which is why Thoroughspect was created so that people would have an option to completely seal their homes from rodents without the use of poison or be stuck in “general pest control” hell forever. Despite people opt to pest control programs where the use of fatal repellents is common, they are not able to keep rodents away from their homes for a long time. The other scenario is where some professional sealers execute sealing in houses but ignore hidden openings and entry points which obviously result into re-infestation of homes with those rodents.

The homes Thoroughspect with the Contractor inspection in Greenwich Connecticut has sealed over the last 20 plus years have saved the lives of countless animals as no matter how much poison is placed in and around your home you will never stop new rodents from entering the home long term if it is not sealed correctly by using the correct materials. Having your home sealed by Thoroughspect will not only help keep you and your loved ones free from mice, bats, and flying squirrels but also positively impact your lives as well as those of the critters.

Home Sealing Process All for Pest Control in Greenwich Connecticut Is Safe

With comparison to hazardous chemicals and pesticides, the home sealing process is a smarter, safer and superior option. It’s a rodent preventive, and rodent control approach that helps minimize the possibility of entry of the rodents and small critters into homes near Greenwich Connecticut. The homeowners can feel comfortable knowing that they and their families are safe while their home is being sealed off by experts as the process strictly excludes the use of poison. Home sealing may also prove to be beneficial in other ways. For instance, it may enhance energy efficiency, noise (from outside) control and humidity control.