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Bats are pretty incredible when you think about it they have a built-in system (called echolocation) sending a frequency signal which tells them how far away a food source is or an access point. This echolocation allows them to know where an opening is so they can safely fly in and if a signal bounces back (after a seal) it tells them this is no longer a viable option. Bats are indigenous to where they are born or roosting, which means that you have to break the cycle and force them to find a new location. Sealing for bats must be done per the DEC regulations, and in accordance with Bat Standards which states homes may be sealed from Bats near Greenwich Connecticut in the Spring when weather is consistently above 50 degrees, so let’s call it April to the end of May, but when the babies are born in June as an NWCO (nuisance wildlife control operator) licensed operator and following DEC guidelines, you must NOT do any exclusion work in June or July (maybe to be safe the second week of August) as the slogan goes: “June and July let them fly”.

Bat Proofing Greenwich
Bats Proofing Greenwich
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Bat Proofing Greenwich