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In our area the usual critters are mice, small and large brown bats and tons of flying squirrels all nesting in our attics and basements. While these usual critters are somewhat cute, the issues are of a health and property destruction concern.

While mice leave about 25,000 little jelly beans (fecal) behind per mouse annually the other group leaves behind much more. This site is not meant to put fear into anyone’s mind as that’s not our way of doing business, but we would suggest some simple Google searching for diseases/ allergies from these usual critters as there are many pitfalls from having them in your home.

We’ve heard it all from the critters are only in my attic or basement and when the home is inspected the clients are shown the critters are leaving behind their walls,  in and around the air conditioning and heating ducts which can move bacteria and rodent debris throughout the entire home. They can also chew electrical wires which can cause fires.

Our inspection service takes into account not only what types of rodents and bats are in and around your home, but also any other deficiencies found during the Contractor inspection Greenwich Connecticut and our eyes are very in tune to all deficiencies.

The usual critters can cause some unusual issues both to the home and to the family so let’s get inspecting. Read more


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