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The Bat Guano, or Flying Squirrel Fecal, And/or Mouse Fecal in My Attic?

You have to realize that in most cases the fecal is more dangerous than the small rodent or small mammal itself. This includes flying squirrels, mice, and bats as there are parasites, funguses, and different health issues associated with the fecal that can be caused by inhalation, dermal and ocular absorption. It is best to have a professional clean and sanitize these areas along with replacing insulation as needed to ensure you do not cross contaminate the rest of your home or make yourself sick by pushing these contaminants into your HVAC system which may be located in the attic. The correct way of dealing with contaminated areas would be to initiate negative air pressure via the use of air scrubbers, non-carcinogenic sanitizers (as many are a carcinogen) and true HEPA vacuums designed for contamination removal.


The fact that most vacuums that you would buy in home improvement stores will allow anywhere between 20% to 40% of the contaminated particulate back out into your air through the exhaust or poor filtration and on top of that will also have the power of the exhaust from the vacuum to push it further into your home therefore cross contaminating your living space, which again is why it’s best to leave this to somebody who is better equipped to handle this dirty job. Please ask Thoroughspect for a quote on bat control Greenwich Connecticut for bat removal, mouse control for mouse fecal,flying squirrel control for flying squirrel fecal, and generally nasty conditions coming from critters in your attic as well as your crawlspace. We’ll provide rodent control Greenwich Connecticut service done professionally while keeping your family safe.