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Companies That Keep Mice Out Of Homes Greenwich - Photo Gallery

Do you Google?

Do you Google? Yes we know you Google just about everything so when you are looking for a rodent exclusion service think “specific” search terms. So, if you want to stop mice from getting into your home then use “sealing mice from my house, or rodent exclusion, rodent sealing of my house” vs mouse exterminator. A few reasons , some for you as the potential client and some for the contractors your looking into. First off when you click on an ad you want to get the right type of service as quickly as possible- right? If you search for a flying squirrel service you won’t find your average pest jockey as it’s not part of their license and who would want a colony of critters dying in their home from poison(there is no magic poison that makes rodents run out of your home to die so if you are told this then you were just lied to)in addition every click you make most likely costs a company between 1 and 15 dollars

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