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Exterminator VS Exclusionist – So What’s the Difference?

Exterminator VS Exclusionist – so what’s the difference? Pretty simple as an exterminator sells an ongoing service that may keep the critters at bay for a short time while they die in the home from being poisoned, but does little if anything to actually solve the issue. An exclusionist (a really good one) will spend days sealing every entry point around your home to stop the critters from gaining entry and should not be using any poison at all. This service is obviously more money up front but will pay for itself in time as you’ll be able to sleep without all the noises from the mice or flying squirrels frolicking in your attic or walls. In addition the health issues associated with all that fecal will be lowered if you can get the infestation to stop. Some of that fecal will now have other ingredients added to it from an exterminator due to the poison so think long and hard before hiring.

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