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Dust Control Inspection

Dust from contractors is completely unacceptable. When you receive a proposal from a contractor if it doesn’t include the terms “ air scrubber, negative air pressure, HEPA vacuum” then it’s time to find a new contractor as they don’t care about your health. These days all these can be rented and should be mandatory if you love your self and your family all the way down to the family. Realizing that dust is usually not just dust as it can contain glues from old floors that can cause all sorts of health issues to insulation in attics, crawl spaces and between walls that can contain rodent, bat fecal as well as other nasty contaminated particles. There are services that will come in and advise on dust control and yes Thoroughspect can certainly do this as I carry a US EPA Award for dust control. While it may boost the project cost a little I can assure you money can be made, but health cannot be bought. Don’t let your family become the filter in your own home.

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