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Have You Been Battling Flying Squirrels, Mice, And Bats?

Have you been battling flying squirrels, mice, and bats?

Have you been battling flying squirrels, mice, and bats? It’s shocking that families live with all these animals living in their homes and potentially causing health issues when they don’t have to. Now I do understand that rodent exclusion or Home sealing can be expensive, but the alternative is less attractive when it’s spelled out. When these animal continue to poop and pee in your home it can cause mold and bacteria issues that travel throughout the home via airflow, ductwork and when you poison them you then potentially are breathing in the fecal and the poison as it passes through the animal. Pest control does not work for rodents for these reasons and a home cannot be sealed in an afternoon by some cowboy with a can of foam that clearly states on it that it cannot be left in the sun.. If you want to truly live without these critters then reach out and schedule your inspection. Living rodent free will change your life!


Don’t let rodents keep you awake in your own home. Let Thoroughspect seal your home so the scratching, pooping and in general the unwanted visitors stop with zero poison used. We are the rodent exclusion company you’ve heard so much…

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