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We first purchased a big deal from Thoroughspect about a year ago, after noticing rodent activity shortly after moving into our house.

Brian, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable and gave us thorough advice on what to do to the keep the animals out of the house. He also gave us a lot of other helpful advice on what to else to fix around the home. We purchased a full home sealing job from him. The actual work was delayed for a number of reasons that were outside of the contractor’s control (weather, etc.). Throughout the process, Brian communicated with us in a very timely, friendly and professional way. The work included sealing all possible holes in and around basement/garage/attic (there were a lot, most of them not obvious for us as non-experts). At the end, one-way exit tubes were installed at about 10 of the previous entry points (and kept for 4 days), and we saw signs in several of them that bats and mice left the home (squirrels had left before). Brian was on site most days or he called us to check on the progress. The fee may sound steep, but considering that job took at least 5 full days (some of them with two of his guys) and that this is a 50+ year old house with a lot of entry points for rodents, the fee is actually very reasonable. Brian (and his guys) also fixed a few other minor things in the house free of charge – one of those guys that just gets things done. Again, we’re 100% satisfied.
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