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Brian Sweig of Thoroughspect/THE SEALER/BUSTED! takes the quote “runs a
tight ship” to new heights. The fact that he is extremely
knowledgeable in this arena of rodent control is an understatement.

We knew we were in competent hands from the moment Brian returned our
phone call inquiry.
At our initial “thorough” walk through, Brian, a kind, caring,
individual with a sense of humor, not only expertly, using all the
available new technologies, assessed rodent access to our home in a
clear, concise manner, but in addition, and so very valuable to us,
pointed out numerous spots throughout our indoor and outdoor space
that were in need of attention (potentially
dangerous situations such as not having a clip closure on our power
box and antiquated ceiling fire alarms, or bringing to our attention
that a recent renovation of a bay window had not been fully completed
– no insulation – and that this was contributing unnecessarily to
a higher heating bill)
having nothing to do to rodent access. We have found Brian to be
the ultimate problem solver.
The project was completed in a timely manner. In addition,
Brian‘s communication was the best that we’ve ever encountered with a
contractor. He kept us informed via phone, texts, photos
with overlying text, arrows,
etc. every step of the way, for his plan of action, as well as
exactly what was completed each day in his work at our home.
Each home situation, although certainly with similarities, has unique
challenges. The bottom line is that when you are in need of help for
rodent control, it is important to have faith in the company selected
and to believe that the job will be done to your satisfaction. We are
over-the-top satisfied with the service Brian Sweig has provided to
us and now look forward to a safer, cleaner, calmer, and more cost
effective home life.
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