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Years Of Experience

Years Of Experience

Me: How long have you lived with rodents? New client on the telephone: 34 years! Me: how many pest control companies have you had to try and solve your rodent issue? Client: lost track at 20! This was a conversation from 3 years ago and they recently left a review that no rodents have been noticed, heard, or found in any traps in the last 3 years and they have now recommended several friends and family members to Thoroughspect. We love what we do and so will you. Give a shout at 914-755-5633 to start the process to living rodent free as it will change your life!


Don’t let rodents keep you awake in your own home. Let Thoroughspect seal your home so the scratching, pooping and in general the unwanted visitors stop with zero poison used. We are the rodent exclusion company you’ve heard so much…

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