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From the moment Brian stepped into our house, I knew he had more on his mind than just the exclusion process we signed up for.

He spent about 2 hours going through the house to identify what rodent issues we had. I actually didn’t tell him we had any issues outside of I heard some thumping in the attic (we had moved in 2 weeks prior). He took pictures and documented everything for us which took about a week to put together. That was just the initial inspection (Angie’s deal).
In addition to the exclusion related items, Brian went well beyond his scope of services to basically do another home inspection for us, identifying over a dozen things our home inspector missed, including a mold issue! Now I can’t say I was excited to learn of these new issues having just moved in, but Brian went out of his way to explain everything in detail and give me comfort it was all manageable. He saw I was somewhat handy, so he walked me through the things I could take care of myself, and recommended service providers for the bigger things. He even went as far as taking care of a few things for me during the seal process.
The seal itself took a couple weeks (5,500 sq ft colonial), including trapping / clearing the house. We had bats, flying squirrels, and mice; quite the party we were having in our basement and attic. Since the seal, we haven’t had anything in the house even though Brian gladly responded to a couple false alarms over the winter.
You might ask yourself why is this review titled bait and switch. I signed up for the Angie’s deal because Thoroughspect was rated well and frankly it was very reasonable cost-wise to find out what I had going on in the attic. The bait it is you think you’re getting an exterminator, and the switch is you get Brian. Without sharing all the other details, he genuinely cares about you and your family and is really there to be a partner not just a service provider. It’s not everyday you’re comfortable giving the keys to your house over to a stranger and his crew for a couple weeks with wife and young kids at home. As I’ve told Brian, I’ve never been happier working with someone on a real estate related project. Furthermore, he’s still happy to take a call or respond to an email months after completing service. He’s a wealth of knowledge and truly a great person, not just the next contractor looking to make a buck (although you should still plan on paying him as he’s worth every dollar)
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