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On the two-year anniversary of our home fire we think of you with great fondness and gratitude.

When we hired you to manage our difficult situation with mice in our home, we never dreamt that you would save our lives. Although we had hired many people to work on this problem, until you no one had yet been able to help us beyond a short term fix. While you worked diligently to bring our home into a happy place for us, you noticed that we needed smoke detectors and other important factors to have a safe environment. It still amazes us to this day that you offered to help install the smoke detectors to ensure our safety and well-being (quite outside of the boundaries of your job). The fact is that we awoke in the middle of the night once our dishwasher caught on fire and ran out of our home to safety, all because of your kind and careful work. We want to thank you more than words can say, and with all of our hearts.

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